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A Wonderful Winery

October 6, 2013

Sometimes I have to admit that Terry is right. I had a meeting in Niagara and she came along and she hit a home run worthy of Miggy.

I was trying to find an old favourite winery when Terry suggested Ravine. Well it was on the way so why not.

Well where is it? Down the road from Chateau des Charmes, in Niagara on the Lake area.

Relatively new, it offered an adaptive re-use of an old structure, that was moved taken apart lost, then repurchased then rebuilt on the site. I really think that is cool.

Well we went in and were served by a lovely lady. She saw us waiting and jumped in. By her service I thought she was an owner, but she wasn’t, she just was really good. I really like that as I feel service is extremely important. If I use Traverse City as my 100 level of service (best I have been treated…ever) she was at 95 which is the highest I have seen outside of that area.

We were given a quick tour and saw a wonderful charcuterie room in the basement and then the new production facility. And there it was….. a sorting table….don’t see many of those in use….that means hand-picked, no machine harvest and dump into the destemmer.

Now the wines. The upper line is amazingly good. Biodynamic and does that mean better wine? Well better grapes should lead to better wine and this style should cause more care to be given to the vines. No nasty chemicals, more wild things…well it should, and here it does.

There is a restaurant and well it is amazing. We returned later that day for dinner and enjoyed our meal on the deck. Charcouterie tray from site raised Berkshire…wonderful with their Rose.

For the main course I had duck comfit. I had never had this before and they recommended the Riesling with it ( no Pinot here) and it really worked well.

Terry had the pork chop again with the recommended Riesling.

The food was wonderfully prepared, served and presented. A joy to eat.

Our server from the wine store saw us and came over to see how we liked it. A nice touch.

Ambiance: excellent

Service: excellent

Food: excellent

Wine: top notch

What can I say. The service was superb, the wine and food are great.

NB: the menu suggests pairings, which did work well and there was a good selection of wines that included wines from other wineries and regions

I guess we will be back.

We had the 2010 Merlot with two very good steaks Friday. It was wonderful and mated so well with the food. Not cheap but worth every penny.

Appearance: clear deep red with wonderful slow developing legs

Nose: great! dark hues, cigar boxy notes, earthy pencil shavings….oh so nice and it opened up so well

Taste: like a Merlot should be, it isn’t jammy. Good lively acid, nice tannins and deep dark fruit. A well made wine with a long luscious finish

This wine is 12.5% alcohol, just where wine should be imho. Tasty food friendly a product of a more than capable winery.

I am glad I have more

tootles 🙂

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