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Vintage Tasting

August 18, 2013

Last Sunday was the Vintage Tasting. It was held at Oxley Estates and they deserve kukdos for their effort.


The food was excellent, the event was well organized and I like how you had to walk thru the vineyard to get to the event….It was a wonderful entry.

The wine is what it’s is all about. Here are the highlites:

1)  Grand Crew from Crew…at $50 bucks it should be good and it was…excellent actually

2) Syrah…I think this could be our wine….it does well here…lean unlike it

3) Pinot….I had alot of good Pinot…Rory’s is excellent and I was quite impressed with Mastronardi’s…I have had it thru its life and its good.

4) Whites…I had some excellent ones from Sprucewood and that didn’t surprise me…Tanya can do whites well

5) Colio…the winemaker was serving and we talked for a time and he really gets it and I see it in his wines…so much better and with those resources, they may be  a winery to follow. I have always liked their people, but not their wines…that is certainly changing

Well I have been drinking alot of California wines lately and having the locals really reminded me just how good our wines are. I think they are much better than PEC and better than Niagara. Its the heat units…the numbers don’t lie and now thee vines are maturing and the winemakers are figuring out what can be made

Well it was a great day and foretells a great future





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