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This is Funny…Kind of

August 18, 2013

Well yesterday I finally got off my butt and made my beer. Ok, I don’t have a real mash tun, I have always used my Mario Batalli Pasta pot. Yes it is the same one he used on Malto Mario…it is fricken huge.


Well I lined to strainer with cheesecloth and the grain filled the whole strainer. At that point I knew I was in for it. Well I inserted the strainer and added heat. I could not get it above 150 and needed 160…oi and of course it boiled over and filled my cook top…..well my New Zealand top advertised that it can hold a gallon of water inside….well I didn’t get that much boil over…almost. I actually had to suck the wort out of the burner of my wok ring with a turkey baster…my gas valve was under wurt…not good


Then when I removed the grain to sparge it I had only 2″ of water left…..oh boy I made a concentrate. I added yeast as it was getting close to the best before date and well who cares at this point.


I took this as a teachable moment. I need a real mash tun but any bigger will not fit in my sink…does that mean a new fawcett???? …oi…need one anyway…so hiho hiho its off to Adventures in Homebrewing I go…maybe next Sunday…oh then a brew pub or the Oak….I can’t wait!!!




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