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The Holy Grail of a Burger

August 5, 2013

The Hamburger or Ground Round is a most wonderful food and I am on my search for the Holy Grail of burgers.

There are 2 schools and one is just wrong.

School 2 is wrong so I will start there. Lots of toppings, high and messy. Not good. It just hides the meat which is the grail. Chain restaurants feast on this.

School 1 is the proper Ground Round. Best are ground at the bar, second best is ground by a good butcher. But it must be made at a bar, an old school bar.

Now what is an old school bar? It is the neighborhood joint from the past age, about 1950 or older, no windows, old wood bar, crusty bartender, and above all else, an old flat top grill. Yes the flat top and old with all that flavor, years of flavor.

Why no windows? So you wife cant send the kid to look for you.

You cannot get a Grail burger in Ontario. Why? The government says that you cannot sell a medium rare burger. In Michigan they have a warning on the menu, which states you could die from undercooked meat. I like that cos I don’t eat at places I don’t trust. A Grail burger must be medium rare.

So our burgers end up in school 2 due to oppression. They can be good but not the grail.

So where is my Grail Burger? I like Joey’s Meatcutter in the Market but Terry won’t go there so I haven’t been in years. The Oak and the Bronx have great burgers, but we went to Millers on Friday.

Ok: old school 1940’s vintage, no windows, no credit cards, no menus, no plates (you get your burger on waxed paper), crusty bartender, and an old seasoned grill.

The texture was amazing, soft, wonderful, luscious, mouth feel to die for, and the taste. The taste is to die for. I just was wiped out by it.

I wanted to take a picture and post it but I was afraid that I would be barred for life to ask for a wifi password. The bartender was crusty but actually was a great guy. Still didn’t ask if there was wifi tho.

I love this place and can’t believe it took me so long to get there. i will be going back. I love the place.

This is my Holy Grail Burger, for now….the search will go on, I cannot stop




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