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Another New Winery

August 5, 2013

If you have driven down CR 50 you would have seen a great sign with a not opened sign below it. The winery is now open and it is very different from the standard winery in the area. The winery is Paglione.


You drive in thru the vineyard which I feel any winery should do, but it is very different. The winery is also the family home. Entering it shows the owners heritage. It is very Italian. Not in a bad way but salami and cheese were laid out and the owner brought out his accordion to play.


The wines, and there are alot of them, are also very different. They employ very old school techniques. Little sulphur and natural yeast. Yes wild yeast, not inoculated. This is living on the wild side as things are not really controlled, but the results are very different.


The flavours are not like the other local wines. They taste to me like Italian wine. Ok, they are Italian and this shows. The have acid and I think would work great with pasta. The are so different from the others made down the road that they may surprise people.

There will be real debates about the taste, but I love it. Like Sour Beer, they are different. I wish them well and their enthusiasm is amazing



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