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Winery Visit

July 20, 2013

A week or so ago, Terry and I had the pleasure to go with our friends Gary and Wanda to the new boy on the block, Easy Acres.

This winery was nowhere I thought it would be. It would be by the lake, right….wrong!! It is north of the 401 off CR 40. That’s right….north and east of Chatham. You can’t grow grapes there….we all know that.

Well they do and they do vinifera with some hybrids. Not huge acreage but the are new.

The owners are very nice and so is their tasting room which is in an older home…quite nice.

The white wines were very nice. Some lacked nose but the tastes were quite nice. I tended to like the Guisenheim (which is a hybrid) and the Auxerrois. Both are very nice summer wines which work great on the patio. The Aux had some body which is often missing and it is not too floral….a good thing. They hit this one well.

The reds were also very nice. More body than I expected and they lacked the green which I hate…So they can ripen grapes all this far north…who da thunk it.

Young vine, new, they are only going to get better and I like the wines now….good work





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