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OWS Event at Colio

July 11, 2013

Colio has always been problematic to me. I remember a long time ago when they started. This coincided to alot of my friends making that big mistake and getting married. Served at their weddings was a local vile wine known as Colio Bianco Secco. This wine probably has hurt the entire region because many of us remember this creation and unfortunately won’t give the wine a chance.

I remember one day several years ago stopping in to Colio and basically saying ” I know you make some good wine but I remember Bianco Secco” Jennifer took me thru the wine and yes they were much much better, quite good actually.

Well the OWS (Ontario Wine Society) had this months meeting there. The have a new winemaker and things seem different. Changes have been made, he said all the right things and then we tasted his new wines. Three whites and a red. He discussed what he tried to do and well, they reflected that. The wines were fresh and clean. Nice acid and none of the odd flavours I remember. Above all, it appears the pricing is right.

Well, I really liked the Sauv Blanc. It was clean and fresh with nice grassy notes. Not overdone, I think it has great potential The others showed real promise.

I hope that he has the power and authority to keep this up. Colio always could make great wine ( at huge prices) but offered too many lines, with too man iffy wines, but they had /have good people….Just don’t get it.


I wish him and the staff all the best and if the samples are indicative of his talent and his enthusiasm for the fruit of the area I can see myself going there quite often.



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