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Winery Visits

October 28, 2012

Yesterday, Terry and I went to two new wineries and am glad to say that both were very nice.

Our first stop was Oxley Estates. Hans-Peter, the winemaker taught me in my certification and Anne and Murray, the owners were in my class.

The winery officially opened in the summer and is housed in a renovated barn and they did a very good job. Airy bright and inviting, the atmosphere is very good. Staff is enthusiastic, knowledgeable and really made the visit pleasant. My only complaint is the walk up which is gravel and not too comfy…not a real problem but I bet it will get concrete soon.

Wines: Rose, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Regent and Cab Franc.

Rose: dry and crisp….nice change

Chardonnay: unoaked and refreshing

Pinot Noir: wonderful nose and I really want to taste a whole bottle before I comment cos this will be a review wine.  I liked it

Regent: a German red wine grape. It is very interesting and I will review some..

Cab Franc: nicely done.

They really seem to have done things right and with defined plans. Nothing is cheaply done nor without a long term plan. They will improve and get better. I am expecting quite alot from them and they are adventurous and free thinkers.

North 42 is another winery I was looking forward to. I had met Martin several years ago and he talked of his plan and since then I have waited as patiently as I could.

I hoped the wines would be different and the two that they are offering are…and they are quite good.

Open for only a few weeks they are getting their sea legs and only problem is the size of the tasting bar….its not too big, but I figure that will change.

Wines: Gewürztraminer and Pinot Noir

Gewürztraminer: dry, just like I like them. Not too floral and I am waiting to taste a full bottle. This one could be wonderful.

Pinot Noir: nice and dry, not over the top again just like I like. Opened a bottle and Terry and I really liked it….this will be a review soon.

Alot of promise and I am waiting for more wines in the spring.

So 2 new wineries and both are making very good wine and both are thinking out of the box, which I think is great and I wish them both the best

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