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The Wine That Got Me Back Writing

October 14, 2012

Its funny, sometimes a wine just hits you in the wheelhouse and gets you back in gear. This wine did it for me last night.

I was at the lickbo a week ago and wanted Riesling for Thanksgiving dinner so I bought a few then saw the Chateau St Jean Chard… It beckham-ed ( even though he was Man U scum…I worship David , he is one hell of a footballer)…and I bought 2 for dinner.

In the basket was a nice Riesling from Prince Edward County. The terroir there is great for Riesling….rocky, cool…just what it likes. I really, really like the winery so hey, I bought two, we opened one yesterday as we waited for the rouladen to cook.

The wine is Trumpour’s Mill  09 Riesling….low alcohol  9.5% which is about where good Riesling should be. I opened it and it just made me happy. Complexity, flavour, minerality,and acid balance with sweetness, tho not sweet, it had enuff fruitiness to balance alot of acid.

Visual: The colour is Pale straw. There aren’t alot of legs as there isn’t alot of alcohol and oh yes, m glass wasn’t fresh.

Aroma: bright and strong, but no where near overpowering….it mineral and some citrus

Taste: oh so nice…tart tart tart, tart green apples with a dash of sweetness, then mineral with a really strong acid backbone.

The mineral finishes, but it is so nicely balanced and all the parts play against each other….This wine is really good and a steal.


This is a happy wine so I would pair it with something like Yael Naim, or Alison Krause…something happy or Great Big Sea….this wine isn’t simple but it yells…I’m fun and want to make you smile


Food…seafood like musssels, or trout, roast chicken…yum


Congratulation to Carolyn and her minnions for this really wonderful wine





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