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I’m Back

October 14, 2012

Its been a while. The summer was a bear and well fall hasn’t been much better.

I stopped writing as it became a chore and not fun. I think I want to write again.

Mitch Albom had Tuesday’s with Maury, well I am having Tuesdays with Mumsy. She wasn’t getting out so I took it upon myself to get her out. We go to dinner and have a few drinks and talk. It is so wonderful to talk with an older person. The have experience and just different priorities. No computers, no cellphones just tv. Life is and was so much simpler, but it is good to talk to someone who is simply different from my reality.

I recommend that everyone reconnects with their parents or grandparents and enjoy it while you can.

What have I been doing?  Work…it is really tough and has not been fun.

Wine: a wonderful bottle last night got my juices rolling again.

Beer: craft beer is where its at, Its fun creative and cheap enuff that one can try odd things and if they don’t work …oh well

Fav Beer right now: Final Absolution from Dragonmeade

Fav kinda normal beer: draft Pilsner Urquel

Cider: made cider…more on that later….cool fun area…went to the Great Lakes Cider fest and had so much fun…there are so many great ones out there…In North America we have lost so man of the old cider varieties, but the are coming back and what is being done with what we have is wonderful.


Sorts: suffering with Valverde but love those Tigers

          Lions  oh well I’m used to it

         Liverpool….oi don’t get me going


so I am back and hopefully for a long while





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