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Spring Musings

May 6, 2012

It appears that spring has resprung and I want to share some summerish ideas:

1) Fruit stands: they are opening and it is a great way to get fresh veg and fruit. I am on the search for salad greens as life is so much better with fresh, I mean hours old greens in the salad

Where: County Rd 34 in Cottam has 4+ good ones though Mimi’s is the only one really open as I write this.

2) Meat: here we are really lucky as we have several really good butchers who grind their own hamburger…therefore no pink slime….find your favourite and abolish the slime. I am amazed how much better a burger is when one gets fresh ground meat. Yes you pay more but it is so much better. The art of butchering seems to be making a comeback and find out what our local guy does best and get it. If it is pork chops, beef, chicken (all seem to be battery raised…thank you farm quotas) lamb or sausage. I find the county sausages too lean and some city ones to fatty…oi

Two places for excellent meat are: Ewe-dell for lamb and the Woodslee Mini Mart for beef…yes I said that…frozen mainly but oh so good

I am not going to name my favourite butcher shop as I have many and don’t get to some as much as I should. I tend to shop on my way home so I hit Shinkel’s in Essex most..Great stuff too, but it seems every tow has a good one.

Olive Oil: I can say Windsor produces my favourite Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Yes, I have not been drinking. I got some Rallis from the owner at the Greek Pavillion when they started. It was amazing…best I ever had…seems some famous Food Network Chef thought so too and made it his house oil…I thought I would never see it again….Welllllll Colonial Coffee sells it and I have yet to open it….need fresh salad greens.

Fish: I am still looking as I continue to get fish with improper cleaning…arrrrgghhhh!!!! need to go to Wheatley

Coffee: go to Colonial…good price and fresh coffee….so much better than old supermarket stuff

Wine: well we do do it here and as usual…pick your fav and enjoy

Beer: well no Windsor yet so I recommend Dragonmeade in Warren…odd place great beer…still local and Detroit has great craft brewers and……

Coney Dogs: Lafayette…wish they has beer though


OK my favourite Butcher Shops:

in no order other than what comes out of my head

1)  Ray’s  Taylor Mi….just great service…Amish Chicken

2) Cheeches  Eastern Market: Amish Chicken, Butter, Duck, Turkey…

3) Giglio’s  Windsor….Sausage..oi need some

4) Ade’s  Windsor…me Grand Mum shoped there….great pork stuff and ground beef

5) Remark’s  Windsor….wonderful meat counter

6) Schwab’s LaSalle…real butcher local meat

7) Schinkel’s  Essex….ground beef ,steak and pork…

8) 4D Essex  pork stuff

9) Cottam Cold Storage: always good and the ground is great

10) Butcher of Kingsville…don’t get there but always good

11) Sanson…BERKSHIRE PORK nuff said and the wine is not too shabby either


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