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2010 musings

March 25, 2012

Last weekend we spent St Paddy’s Day with wine friends. Lunch started at Jack’s then off to Mastronardi.

Pam was there and we sampled some of the 2010. The reds are looking to be very good. They will be rich and powerful. Remember HOT!!! but n0t ready yet

The whites are similar.Powerful, deeper colored and more flavorful. Alcohol is a wee bit high and I think a little extra chilling helps.

Available wines to look at are the Merlot, Viognier and Pinot Grigio. They are all drinking quite nicely. Oh yes…the Vidal is a baaaargggoooon.

From there we went to visit our pal, Tracy at Cooper’s Hawk….its a nice facility and they are getting their wines out. Selection is currently limited but good. They did it right..come out with a few wines then release more as they go.

Check out the Cab Franc.

So budding is happening so we must pray that this good weather continues or we are f***** for wine and fruit.





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