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Perfect Scores

March 18, 2012

It seems that perfection is Bordeaux….16 in fact.

I simply find this very humorous. Perfect wine..certainly.

Since I have had my say on blind Tastings…Let me go to scores. Scoring wines is subjective… perfection isn’t yours…my Holy Grail wine is mine not ours too!

Robert Parker is a talented man. I am not doubting his ability but I do question the whole concept of scoring.

Lower than 75 or so is swill….80 to 90 is good and 90 + is wonderful….BUT I do like some cheap cheerful Italian reds. Would the rate high or even rated. What happens to my local winery that doesn’t get rated??? Is that swill?

I go to the lickbo and see scores all over…checkmarks, Wine Spectator numbers and whatever else the can use for marketing. Face it the numbers sell.

But Perfection…..I am sorry. Perfection (except for me) does not exist and cannot exist. To think an agricultural product can be perfect is foolish as it doesn’t account for product variation and change.

Besides, I reall don’t care for Bordeaux wines. I like Alsace, Burgundy and Tuscany in the old country and local here, so the perfection doesn’t affect me. Except that the number followers will rush to these wines and raise their prices and maybe just maybe my favs will fall a wee bit in price. I would like that.

So Bobbie’s perfection isn’t mine. What happens next year, next week,when another great wine is found…..does it get 101?

Use these numbers as a rough guide and your taste buds as the true guide. My good friend Pam and I are about 180 degrees apart on most wine. If I like it she hates it and vise versa. Her 100 is my 80….That makes life fun



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