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Blind Tasting

March 18, 2012

Yesterday, I made a strange commentary on blind tasting and think I need to explain myself.

Blind tasting is a useful tool, though I feel the limitations are significant. I went thru my classes doing 2 years of blinds and our yearly New Years tastings so I have some experience to draw from.

When tasting flights, outliers are exposed. Unbalanced wines, faulted wine and great wines stand out. But, I remember a certain audio speaker which was designed to “stand out” during audition but was unbalanced in longer listening sessions.

This is my point…..fine, detailed, delicate wines will not stand out. Their traits come forward in the 2nd glass, not in a 1 oz sample.Having a fine wine after a “bright” unbalanced wine will blot out the nice wine. Coming after a poor wine, a good wine will obviouly taste better. And after 150 wines most will start to taste the same.

My beliefs that one must get to know the wine, simply cannot be done in a 1 oz shot. The external impacts: ie: food friends,music, do not come into play.

Yesterday we had a wonderful tasting group: Pam, Gary, Wanda, Terry and myself. The wine just tasted better. And thats my point. Wine is not to be drank under the ” cone of silence” from Control HQ, but with friends, solving all the problems in the world and enjoying all things.



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