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DD&D Afternoon

February 5, 2012

Well it’s Superbowl Sunday and I am all prepped for the game…kinda. Beer is bought, bread is proofing (taking it to a friend’s for the game) and we did some research yesterday.

Following a tradition Terry and I went to our 7th Diners, Drive-ins and Dives location….add in one from No Reservations and two from Man v Food and we have not been disappointed yet.

Yesterday was Traffic Jam and Snugs…I don’t get the name but I really liked the place.

We started with a pitcher of beer (made on site) and ordered 2 appetizers: a cheese tray (cheese made on site) and fried pickles ( also made on site), then Terry had a fish sandwich and I had a pulled pork panini.

Well, all were excellent, the cheese was so so so good. I was a little concerned re the quantity until I tasted it…wonderful, texture, taste man oh so good. Served with a chutney of sorts (pecans, honey and something else which eludes me) and a mustard which was to die for…..yummmmmmmmmy…..The fried pickle was quite good and I tend to not like them…The cheese was just so good.

Terry’s fish sandwich was excellent….filets of snapper fried perfectly and with a jalapeno mayo….light spicy and tasty.

My panini was superb…Guy Fiero blessed it (menu says so). Pulled pork braised in the beer we were drinking, with carmelized onions and spiciness…..oh so good. I loved it…..ate it with a knife and fork like I do a coney cos I didn’t want to wear it.


This place is cool. Located in the Wayne State area, I drove by it a gazillion times but now that I stopped, we will be back…right by Avalon so I have 2 destinations off Cass. Ooops… it’s on Canfield and 2nd. Parking across Canfield, so you won’t get a ticket.

Now this place is humoungous….It has a bar restaurant, bakery, brewery, dairy (cheese, ice cream.. etc) and picklehouse….what else is there…hell I don’t know…just use your gps and or breadcrumbs to find our way  back from the loo…its that big.

Service was superb….food superb and the prices were good….our meal was $ 47 or so so it didn’t break the bank.

Well, we were full and on a search for microbrews for the game…I was aiming at a New York beer and a New England one….or one from Ann Arbour as Tom Brady went to Michigan…..what to get…….well we went to Champagnes and I was flummoxed…that place is great…..what to get….Dragonmead, Shorts, Bells, Old Leg Humper, Third Coast, Arcadia…the list was too great…….I sweated, Terry got bored..all the best beer was on the top shelf…way above me…..Well she got Short’s and me a Founders Pale Ale……Both Michigan Beers and I guess I am backing Mr Brady.

Then we went to Kuhnhenn’s in Warren…a Brew Pub which I couldn’t find….GPS said it didn’t exist..I called them and they walked me in….got a sampler and I hated the beer…AT FIRST…maybe it was because my brother lives too close and I felt the bad vibes….I mellowed, the beer Gods allowed me to taste properly and I retasted…and …and….and I liked them…..the beers are really good and the site is very nice. M last beer was a Promesthies…A quadruple Belgian at 11%….so refined…so tastey….alot of spices with a juniper hit…but not too much…I loved it and Terry did to and she hates most Belgians.

A keeper….next trip is to the Tuba Museum and Brew Pub….I can’t wait!!!!!!!



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