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2010 Sprucewood Riesling

November 24, 2011

If you don’t believe in the wine/music/food continuum, then I proved it tonite. Lately, on NPR, they have explored the wine/music matching, which I find very interesting and certainly believe in.

I began with one of my favourites, Thelonious Monk, Live at the Blackhawk…via Japanes vinyl…the wine was ok, then I put on Mel Torme , Live at the Paul Masson Winery and all was better, the wine tasted better and I just chilled.

Dinner was grilled salmon with grilled sweet potato. Add a little Cajun spice and butter and I am in heart failure heaven.

Lets look at the wine.It is one of the 2010 vintage that I am going thru. 2010 was hot and dry, some say perfect. I have heard stories of 24-26 brix which means ~ 14-15% alcohol. Wise “old hands” scoff of these numbers but I think the wines will be different from what we are used to. Lean and mean will probably not exist.

Visual: quite golden with thin legs which point out the 13% alcohol, which is big for a reisling.

Aroma: I got a good whiff of mineral with green apples and pears. This is a good sign and maybe there was a little petrol there. In all it smells like an Alsatian.

Taste: It takes up where the aroma ends. Mineral with apples and pears. It went well with my salmon and had enough acid to cut thru the fat of the salmon. Finish was long and strong…very nice. It also held up to the spice. The only issue I have is the acid. To me there should be more but it tastes balanced so that really isn’t a problem, I am just used to more (this is probably a result of the heat…more sugar less acid and to get 13%, I bet the brix were way up at harvest and the acid was falling).

In an event this wine is very nice and partners with food very well. With Mel on the stereo….it is a keeper.

As usual I really enjoy their white wines. The Pinot Gris and the Riesling certainly resemble Alsatian relatives which is oh so cool.




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