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More Wines I like

September 24, 2011

We took an and Wilf  to Sanson on the day of the Winefest for a food and wine pairing. These events are worth their weight in gold, generally are not too expensive and are fun.

Sanson, has the right idea. Wines sold with fine food. Proper food btw. Berkshire Pork, Dennis’ own organic beef (try the hot dogs…they are to die for), heritage veg… I love it. Well when I bought several Food/Wine Packages I managed to get a Berkshire Cappicolla roast. The problem was…what to do with it. What wine to mate with it. The roast was frozen and cryo-packed and was about 2 lbs, but this cut is a long slow roaster. Do I smoke it and make pulled pork? Do we just go low and slow??? Decisions, Decisions.

To make Pulled Pork out of it would be a waste. I want to use good local pork but not Berkshire. It would be lost. Low and slow was it. Would I get to add a wee bit of smoke to it??? Nope…Terry found a Lydia recipe and as she is responsible for the High Priest of Food, Mario Batalli, I acquiesced to the Queen Kinda Mother.
Layered in cabbage, with taters and wine in a Dutch oven it was into the oven for 3 hrs. I felt that the temp was too high but the dutch oven should have helped. Well it was too high and the cabbage scorched but the Berkshire was saved by the heroic actions of the cabbage. The Berkshire was fabulous. From a cut that my Mac had a tough go to cut to a luscious wonderful meal.

Oh the music was KD Lang Reflections. What a classy album. So sophisticated and adult. I remember her from her Punk/cowboy days and man has she grown. Catch her album with Tony Bennett if you want good music.

And finally the wine. The wine was also from Sanson. Though the Chardonnay would have been heavenly I went to my wheelhouse and chose my most pork friendly variety…Riesling, and Sanson makes a good one.

Let’s take a look at my little buddy….

visual: light gold bright…couldn’t tell legs cos I did the review after dinner and my glass was a little messy…

aroma: I get honey, apricot and yes a slight petrol and mineral note. I like to get some petrol but not too much. I really find it offputting and if you ever did a boo-boo siphoning gas (no I wasn’t stealing any) you may not really like to taste it again.

taste: I really like this wine. It is not Alsatian or German, it is Essex County…there is ample acid to balance the nice touch of sweetness and a nice backbone of mineral. Not PEC level but there. I get honeysuckle, apricot and oh so nice. The finish is oh so long and I just want it to last forever.

What is really good is the balance. Now I find all of Sanson’s wine balance, but this one particularly well done. It is complex and just tastes good.

With the Berkshire it was wonderful. Riesling with Pork is a perfect match. The slight sweetness allows this wine to able to work with a little spice which is an advantage.

The meal was singed but this wine played with the Berkshire and man the had fun, kinda like my buddy Vlad had with a steak bone.



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