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Wines I like 3

August 11, 2011

Well, I forgot to post…Highland Games did me in last weekend….toooooo hot!!! I feel so bad for the bands and the heavy games athletes. It was soo hot that I was drenched. When it rained people just stood in it to cool down.

Tonite we had a stir fry with a curry pirri pirri sauce. Got this due to very bad management  at Sobey’s, which made me wait 40 minutes at checkout, I was stranded by the discount bin which had some neat South African sauces so I got this one. Spicy curry and wine…well lets see.

The wine is Pelee Islands Vendage Tardiv Pinot Gris which is VQA the Island. Pinot Gris is possibly my favorite grape; one of the Holy Trinity of white grapes….Riesling, Pinot Gris and Gewurtztraminer….oddly all of from Alsace.

Pinot Gris, can be very floral, minerally, honey pear, apricot tastes and makes great wine.

Lets look at Pelee’s 2008. BTW its 13.5% alcohol.

Visual: straw pale, fast sweet legs

Aroma: hone, mineral, floral

Taste: what a long finish!!! slightly sweet but with a nice acid balance. Floral notes, honey, mineral and sweet apricots….quite complex


This wine goes beautiful with perch and pickerel from the lake….terroir baby… it is soo food friendly and goes with all the good white wine foods. Just don’t try curry, it just didn’t work

Ok another of my favourite wines…time to head east




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