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My Favorite Wines Part 2

August 4, 2011

When I was young and living in Toronto, I was poor, hung around with chefs and discovered wines from around the world. They had to be “cost effective” and hopefully good. I fell in love with one country’s wine and when my carpenter foreman decided to teach the young engineer Portuguese, I got to learn about more of the culture.

Georges was from the north of Portugal and got me to drink all the wines. He was a good man, but I could never wrap my head around the language. The wine though stuck.

My fav is Vinho Verde. In my wine class, I joined the group in the second course and was rather intimidated. My first wine to critique was ….. Vinho Verde and old friend. An expensive one (I like the cheaper ones) but I looked like I knew something (boy did I fool them).

Now there are expensive ones and “cost effective” ones. I stay with the cheapies. I just like them. A simple wine that is fun and good. Summer, seafood and there is nothing better. Wee little bubbles and a fresh fresh taste.

Tonites wine is Aveleda 2010 Vihno Verde. At 10% you can drink bottles and you will.

Visual: pale pale with weeeee little bubbles(from the acid) and really fast legs

Aroma: apples/pears kinda smells like good cider….very fresh and happy

Taste: fresh!!! good acid…hint of sweet..with pears and apples…again I get hints of good cider… this isn’t one dimensional but simple and good

Food was my cajunny oven backed chicken with black beans and rice. The wine by rule shouldn’t work…acid with spice but it does ( a wee bit o sweetness)….again the acid cuts thru the cajun stuff and just is fun. Have this wine with perch and life is good….shrimp..yumm…..I would put it with lighter fare BUT i just had black beans and rice and it worked…what do I know

I love this wine and at ~$8/bottle i can’t complain. Its a steal and is just soo much fun. Serve around the pool, on the deck and enjoy….I want more and in winter I visit the Douro (big red)





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