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Things That Bug Me

July 10, 2011

Wine Snobs…yup they bug me….pairing wine to anything…violating the concept that the local drink should work with the food.

Example: I am bbq’ing a pork butt to make pulled pork…I rubbed it with Butt Rub…have been adding mesquite (burns quick) and hickory chips and cooking it slow…my probe reads 145 as I write and its been in for 2.25 hrs. After I finish my rant I will make a bbq sauce for it and it will be a Carolina style…that is vinegar, mustard and cayenne!!! Yeah that’ll work well with a fine Bordeaux….the Butt Rub is hot too!!! What do the locals drink??? Bud…and fizzy light beers… foofoo micros and guess what???? Pabst works with it wonderfully and so would Goebell (oh only if I could get a supply in bottles….it would bring back my youth.

Cajun food…hot spicy and complex…..yup oh yeah a fine Tuscan…NFW….beer, lots of beer. They probably manage to grow grapes in Louisiana, but Terry loves Swamp People (she want s to leave me for Bruce)… and they drink Bud not Beaujolais.

Like drink what you want but why go to Family Kitchen (Mexican food made by Mennonites, whom I think are from Mexica) and drink wine… baby…it just is right.


Now fine Mexican or New Orlean’s fare will be great with wine, but Gumbo and tacos want beer.

So tonite with my pulled pork, potato salad and bean salad, I will drink Pinot Noir….NOT!!!  Probably this mystery beer and maybe cider.





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