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10 minute meal menu

June 23, 2011

Well the menu for the 10 minute meal is as set as it can be and here it is


Appetizer: not sure….may have to cheat here…could do bruschetta tho


I want to do prosciutto pouches….ricotta, honey wrapped in prosciutto…only prosciutto is in Windsor and ricotta is at Galati….10 min from my old house…the milk is from out here and well the prosciutto is made by a friend within 10 min from my old house….new rule I guess


Wine: Aleksander Riesling


Soup: cold red pepper soup….local peppers


Wine: Aleksander Vidal


Main: Grilled Lamb Loin Chops from Ewe Dell .. grilled over pecan wood chips with Rosemary from my garden

Peas (they should be available Saturday)

New Baby Potatoes sauteed in butter (Amish) and my herbs


Wine: Mastronardi Merlot…yes Merlot…it is tasting oh so good…got some Syrah too btw


Dessert: Strawberry Bruschetta…trying some new berries from Pretli’s as Mimi is having berry issues just now….served over my own bread (grilled) fresh ricotta with basil from my garden, local honey or Balsamic vinegar


Wine: Mastronardi A’Dorah Sparkling


That should work well….it should be fun…..All main ingredients within 10 minutes of the house except the ricotta, prosciutto, butter and oils…pretty cool eh…living here ain’t that bad





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