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Who Stole the Kieska?????

June 19, 2011

“Who Stole the Kieska?

Who Stole the Kieska?

Someone call a cop”

My dad loved listening to Franky Yankovic, the Polka King, while I was growing up, so I know all the songs at Oktoberfest.


Why does this apply? Well we went to lunch in Hamtramck yesterday; to the Polish Village Restaurant to be specific.


If you don’t know, Hamtramck is the ancestral homeland to the Polish community in Detroit. Landlocked inside Detroit it was the stepping off point for thousands of Polish immigrants. The Pope spoke there and relatives there, so it was a visit for him. Kowalski Sausage is there. The neighbourhood is vibrant with new immigrants from Yeman and Bangladesh along with Poles and Black people. It is really cool there.


The Polish Village is old school. OLD SCHOOL rocks btw. It is located on a side street (Yeman) in the basement of a building. It is about 30×60 and the decor is right out of 100 yrs ago…..soo cool and it was a Beer Garden in its infancy which morphed into a restaurant. It was like stepping into Europe.


The food was wonderful. Dill pickle soup….that cant be but it was great. Sausage….wonderful, Pierogie, great ad its the fried type, mashed potatoes and gravy (very real) and a wonderful light cabbage roll for $ 6.95. Unbelievable!!! Combine that with a pitcher of Polish beer and the dinner was under $30. And it was great. You gotta go. The online comments do not do them justice. Just don’t mention the online thing….I don’t think they get it. Polonia is down the street and it has the claim that Anthony Bourdain shot there. He did, we were going there because of that but went to Polish Village due to the reviews.


From there we went to the Sausage place on Jos Campeau….wonderful Pierogie and sausage. I got some Kieska (blood sausage) and man did it go well with Trumpour’s Mill Pinot Noir…..minerally Pinot sang with the earthiness of the kieska. Yum.


Got some poppy-seed loaf and little cookie things at the bakery then it was off to Warren to go to Dragonmeade. This is a microbrew, that has a pub.


Nestled off 696 on 11 mile in a beautiful strip office, Dragonmeade is cool. You can tell it once was an office/shop building but who cares. They make great beer. We got 2 samplers ( 5 beers $10)and I went big….Dead Monk and Sin Sucker (I may need one of those guys one day)….2 Belgian style ales, a cask conditioned pilsener, a Bitters and a wheat beer…..yummy. Terry went for some flavoured wheats and lighter fare, which were great too. Now they do do food but the menu said that you can also bring in what you like…..odd. A cricket team came in a family brought games. Methinks this was a micro-brew outlet that got out of control. It has that feel but the feel is oh so bloody cool. Laid back fun. So we ordered some Venison Summer Sausage. For $3.50 we got a 3” chunk and 4 crackers and a knife. Presentation zero, quality 9, value 10. I love it it was great and went so well with the beer.


What I really liked is that they were having fun. None of the prissy Canadian thing (our server was Cdn btw) just fun. They do beer wonderfully and are being rewarded by needing more space so they are chewing up the rest of the plaza. Only bad thing is that they are in Warren. I don’t like Warren, but I will go back. They are off 696 on 11 mile just past Scheoner (I can’t spell it) close to where 696 and 94 meet.


We drove thru Detroit on the way home. It breaks my heart to see the city. Detroit as an area is recovering but Detroit is so sad and it is wrong, plain wrong that people live like that. I worked several years in Detroit…three just near the Hiedelberg Project and left changed. Good people, smart people who are just getting oppressed. By what? I don’t know or care. Quit sending money to all those useless countries and do a Marshall plan for the cities. It is criminal that Detroit exists as it does. Oh no Canada is not immune also…..I lived urban Toronto and saw some wonderful areas….we need to take care of our own then help others. Obama and Harper should cancel all foreign aid until our people are all living like they should. I am no socialist but we need to revitalize our cities, fix the reserves, educate our young and create an atmosphere where people want to invest and can make money doing. No handouts, just a hand up. We owe it to ourselves, the memory of Dr. King, the soldiers who gave their lives for freedom the vets who fought and came home to the hell of the cities. Not acceptable at all. We have to fix it.


Sheesh, I am off my soap box.


The Heidelberg Project was the final part of the Magical Mystery tour. Terry had never seen it…I was there when the city was going to tear it down. I worked down the street and don’t understand it but kinda dig it. It would be weird living in it (some people still do) but it is art and it is important and now it is here to stay. Check the website.


Well I love Detroit…..I could happily live in Hamtramck, downtown, Grosse Pointe or Wyandotte. Oakland County costs too much so don’t wanna live there. I about to get some poppy seed loaf so I’m grateful that there is no drug test planned for tomorrow.





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