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First 10 Minute Meal of The Year

June 9, 2011

Terry and I are prepping for our guests next weekend. The suave and sophisticated ones are coming for dinner and we are planning a “10 minute meal”. Why do a hundred mile dinner when we have such a Bounty From the County.


Salad: hopefully from the garden or from a fruit stand….we have 3 within 2 minutes


Main: either lamb from Ewe-Dell or steak from Wild Acre…hard to choose as both are very good and in Woodslee so I have to drive fast to get there in 10


Veg: from Mimi’s, Murray’s or Pretli’s


Dessert: Mimi’s strawberries


Wine: well I can get to Mastronardi or Aleksander in 10 if there are no OPP around…so I can get very good Syrah for the lamb or Cab Sauv for the steak.


Ok so I need butter and olive oil which aren’t local but that is about it….ok pepper…salt ok ok


but the main stuff is local…herbs from the garden and I’ll make my own bread and there is local flour so there…….


So we’ll see what veg is available and go from there….I enjoy this alot and just love showing people what we have here



Or I can do perch with Pelee with the Pinot Gris Vendage Tardiv…violates 10 minutes but local….oh I’m so confused.


Will keep you posted




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