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Butcher of Kingsville

April 24, 2011

It been a glorious weekend. Spent Thursday night with our good friend and food purveyor John at Calabria, Friday was spent making bread, drinking wine and waiting for an evil chicken to cook. Saturday was spent shopping, tasting wine, making a fugly cake, bbq’ing steak in the dark, drinking wine and enjoying. Today I’ll be working in the garden, drinking wine and chillin.

On our magical mystery tour yesterday we stopped in at the Butcher of Kingsville. Gary and Wanda had been there earlier and bought the most beautiful rack of lamb and posted it on Face book. Being a pal i suggested a wine. Now with lamb we all know the perfect choice is……mad dog 20/20….or officially known as Mogan David 20/20. Available at all good ghetto party stores located beside the Wild Irish Rose. He hasn’t responded yet but went with a Pinot. Not my choice as I think a good Syrah as I like to grill my lamb with a healthy dose of smoke.

Now back to the real story. We have now been there twice, 2 weeks apart and had 4 meals so I am an expert.

The shop is beside Mephisto’s in downtown Kingsville in an old building. As such it is brick walled, rather narrow and deep. The front third is the showroom and the rear is the butchering area.

The concept of the shop is a high end butcher who sell properly/humanely raised meat and/or is organic. I am not a fan of organic but am a fan of humane/properly raised foodstuffs. The quality is beautiful, the cuts are done to the proper thicknesses and cuts seem to change so it isn’t a static display.

To date we have had a boned, seasoned leg of lamb, duck breast, chorizo sausage and aged New Yorks.

The sausage wasn’t my fad as I like a wee bit coarser grind and a wee bit more fat but the rest were wonderful.

Now she also has real stock. I try to make my own and with a real stock food is better, much better. If you are making risotto, or any other special dish I suggest you roll by and get the stock and then you too will ban the cubes (actually I still use them in basic food where I want the salt).

It reminds me of a proper Toronto butcher shop, very high end and priced accordingly. But this is high end meat and properly butchered meat has a cost. Once you try real food, the mass produced stuff doesn’t taste right. We still eat supermarket meat during the week, but try to get the good stuff on the weekend.

Keep up the good work and good luck!!

wine pairings:

lamb: View Pointe Syrah

duck breast: Muscedere Pinot Noir

New York: Aleksander Shiraz


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