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April 5, 2011

I am going to add an article I saw in the paper at the end for your amusement. It is going around facebook but it really resonates with me.

Please explain why we have to rate wine? Oh this is a 90 but this is a 91. Come on, its a scam. I have nothing against Robert Parker, but the sheep who slavishly follow his ratings just don’t get it at all. He, like all of us has biases and thus this clouds his views. I have heard that “professional tasters” can put that all aside, but I do not believe it. Sorry, you cannot convince me and that is why I think competitions are only good for advertising.

Like cars, stereo equipment, scotch or hookers; you have to judge them at the price point. A third world econobox cannot compare to a BMW, but the 3 series BMW is not an Aston Martin. Its all relative.

Over say, $25 the wine better be good as there aren’t excuses anymore. At $10 I can forgive alot but s the price rises there shouldn’t be the compromises.

What are they? Well, new oak and good stuff. At about 1500 a barrel you will not see new oak in Two Buck Chuck. Quality of grapes. The best wine is made from hand picked and cherry picked grapes. The rest goes to the cheaper wine. Corks are not cheap, and let us not forget aging. Time costs money and if it stays at the winery it imposes inventory costs and opportunity costs for the barrel and plain space it takes up. These could be used to make other wine. You pay for this.

Now there is a limit. A good winery will get alot for reputation and probably the lesser known house down the street probably is a better value, along with the name wineries second line.

So can a cheap wine be good. Yes within limitations. It may be a gem from a talented winemaker who gets good grapes. It may be luck. Conversely I have had several mediocre wines which were “special”.
I find the French were very good at selling bad wine at high prices…they learned their lesson and now there are alot of excellent value wines from France.

Well what am I drinking lately….

Pinot Gris: love the Vendage Tardiv from Pelee and Trumpour’s Mill from PEC.

Riesling: CEV is drinking well

Pinot Grigio: I just like Mastronardi’s

Chardonnay: kudu’s to Trumpour’s Mill again and Muschedere’s (Eadie..I haven’t opened our new one yet as I am letting it chill for a while)

Syrah: View Pointe, Pelee, Mastronardi

Pinot Noir: Pelee Reserve, View Pointe and Muscedere…..having the cheap D’Angelo right now

Other Reds: Mastronardi Merlot is tasting great right now along with the 02 Cab/Merlot from View Pointe

Add in there some cheap Italian Sangeovese’s and Rhone wine and thats it. Soon it will be more whites with Vinho Verdi getting the nod and the regular list one not the vintages one.
Rate them…no but I enjoy them and now here is a fun article regarding the new wine rating system


i tried to paste it but it crashed my word processor…ooooh I want the old version back…but its funny


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