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Bull’s Blood

March 28, 2011

I’ve had this one kicking around for a while and since I am feeling quite ill and need a post I decided to use this one.

I remember this wine from my youth. My dad used to by odd wines for Sunday dinner. This was back in the day when you had to go to the lickbo on Eugenie, get a form and a golf course pencil and write in your order. Once given to the clerk, one’s wine was handed over in a paper bag. Quite odd, but we have come a long way since then.

About a month ago I tried for the first time to make Chicken Paprikash. That joyful Hungarian dish which is so good especially on a cold snowy night. My old roommate used to make this and he used his Grandmother’s recipe and it was loaded with spice and sour cream. But I couldn’t get ahold of John so who else. Sir Rod fit the bill but he was unreachable, then there is the Prodigal One but his cooking skills are nil, but I bet his mum would know but he wouldn’t answer the phone. So Sambo calls and sends me his. Not Hungarian but he’s a chef from close to there and always claimed his was great. I gave it a try.

Now wine….there is a great white from Hungary. Can I spell it….no but its close to Harslevelu…can’t get that in Leamington but they had Szekszardi Varos from 2008. I remembered this wine and Sir Rod said it was great. I had it 30yrs ago and it wasn’t but I trusted him. Red with chicken? But there is paprika, sour cream, and spice so it just may.

Szekszardi Varos is also know as Bull’s Blood. This is manly wine. Why Bull’s Blood… seems to come from battle the Hungarian’s had against the Turks where they won and wiped their swords on their tunics…doesn’t make sense but that was what I was told.

So lets look at it:

Visual: very very dark red….looks like bull’s blood. Thick deep rich colour.

Aroma: very earthy with deep dark cherry notes. Don’t get oak but at this price there will not be new barrels…probably just steel. Better than I remember.

Taste: I get oak and earth alot…didn’t smell the oak but got the earthiness. Tannins and acid are there
in enuff to work….I get alot of fruit.. cherries, dark stuff. This wine is actually quite complex. It is really quite good. I am liking this. Its a bargain.

Now with the Paprikash….wonderful, it just works. The acid cuts thru the fat and cream and has the umphh to stand up to the spice.

Again I remember Mario Batali saying that the wine from the region is usually a good match to the food and here it works in spades. Bold wine for bold food. I see bbq, steaks, stews and big food.

My needs help…I need John’s recipe cos thats the way I like it. Isn’t that a bad song???

I really like this and when I get Sir Rod back out here I may have this rather than trying to get him to like lean, cool climate Cab Francs.


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