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Sorry That This Isn’t About Wine

March 27, 2011

I apologize that I haven’t posted of late but I have been rather busy and yes, this isn’t my means of earning my living. I want to comment on this weeks happening.

I simply cannot understand what happened this week. I simply cannot understand why we are having an unnecessary election thrust upon us. All parties are responsible and there are no innocents.

Harper really is bothering me. His government seems to behave like the Bush administration. They have played chicken with this election and finally got what they want. At least he has a reason. The polls show he can get a majority. I mean, his government has done a great job getting us thru this mess the banks caused. And to think we were somehow insulated from what happened on Wall Street is naive at the best and utter stupidity from a man as smart as Iggy.

The Libs are far from faultless. They cannot win a majority as it stands now so their only hope is to form a minority government with the other losers. They say they wont but I really don’t believe this. This is their only hope to govern and listening to the NDP it seems this is the plan. What a waste of 33 million dollars.

Now the NDP. They used to make some sense but now it seems to be all about Jack. His father was a Conservative cabinet minister so that says it all. His only hope is a coalition…the farther he is from power the better.

So what a waste of money. If these guys loved the country as much as they want power, we could get thru this crisis by working together, get the country working again then they can play their games. It is simply not the time to change horses. The current team is getting us thru this mess and we are almost out of the swamp. Just look across the river to see how much worse the states are.

I am ashamed of our leaders.


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