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March 10, 2011

Ambrosia is defined as the food of the gods. This cider/wine is made from Ambrosia apples which here produce the nectar of the gods.

The second wine in the Ice Cider Trilogy from Raven’s Ridge is the 08 Ambrosia. This again was an enjoyable wine/cider.


The question is will there be a real difference. Of course the varietal is different but methinks without them in a test together the differences may not stand out too much but read on as they taste much different.


Let’s look at the wine.


Visual: beautiful golden colour with thick slow leggs. This baby is viscous.


Aroma: sweet apple (duh!!!) pear, floral notes. Oh this nose is wonderful.


Taste: well obviously there is a luscious apple taste, with hints of floral and a touch of minerality. The finish is oh so long and there is acid here to cut the sweetness. It is not cloying and has a wonderful mouth-feel. This is again a complex wine with layers of flavour and is just so nice.


I came back to this wine to finish the bottle 2 days later. It was during the Liverpool v Man U game after it was 3 nil for Liverpool so I wanted a drink to celebrate. This wine/cider would probably be used in celebration and destroying Man U was worth a celebration. The wine did its job at 9 am. It lived up to the moment and even after being in the fridge was still very nice. There is a ton of flavour to go around here.


The acid/sweet balance would lead this wine to be used with dessert. Just remember that the wine should be sweeter than the dessert . How about a pear tart with goat cheese. I think this wine would excel. The pear would bond with the pear tones and the goat-cheese would work with the minerality. The acid would clean it all up and there would be smiles all around.


Another fine wine/cider from Raven’s Ridge. I’m sad that there is only one more to go.




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  1. APP permalink
    March 19, 2011 12:11 am

    Ambrosia used to work @ Cheetah’s.

    And that was a message from the darkside…literally…meadowvale/malvern. Tootles!


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