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Gewurtz to Go

February 25, 2011

I hate this time of year. Cold, wet, snow, rain, mud, and no sun, but on the plus side the wineries are blowing out overstocked wine. Its not necessarily mistakes, but wine that they made too much of, priced wrong or simply missed the market.


Try going out to the wineries and “help” them solve their stock issues. I try to help.


This wine was on sale and I bought it without tasting it first. That goes against all I believe but you gotta try some times. I bought 4 bottles on a good sale and 2 are left after tonite.


Music is Thelonious Monk…Live at the 5 Spot on a Japanese pressing…oh so nice. I am just chillin with Monk in a bar right now. Except I wasn’t born when this was recorded. Phone just rang at the bar btw.


The wine is Colio’s 07 Gewurztraminer. Gewurtz is one of my favourite styles. In its best form it is spicy, minerally, zesty and floral. Usually low alcohol and slightly sweet it has become the darling for spicy food. With Asian food it can work, but it crapped out with my duck spring rolls and I didn’t have dipping sauce (that was spicy).


Lets look at this bad boy:


Visual: a nice golden straw colour. The legs formed fast and were relatively thick. Implies alcohol and sugar. 12% and a wee bit of sweetness.


Aroma: I was hit with floral notes right away. I am no flower guy but I remember the smell as the smell of the flowers I gave an old girlfriend to get out of trouble. Nice flowers as they came from Janette’s and Mic knew what I needed to stay alive. There is some honey/sweet notes and mineral. Kinda like a wet sidewalk.

So far so good. I like the nose and I am looking forward to tasting.


Taste: Not alot of acid, which bodes well for spicy food. The was alot of mineral and some nice floral notes but not too much. Too much kills Gewurtz. I get some spice and a long floral finish.


Overall the taste is muted to me which ok, but it isn’t like an Alsatian Gewurtz. I seem to think that it just can’t be made outside Alsace, kinda like Sangiovese. This is what I would call a New World Gewurtz. Nice and polite and should appeal to alot of people.


I can see this wine going nicely with Vietnamese or Thai food. Forget the sickly sweet recent Chinese food I have had. He seem all burnt and over-sauced to me. Not fresh tasting, so I’ll go to Saigon or Bangkok for my food now and I think as long as the food is the fresh style and not too spicy this wine would be a good choice.


I like it at the sale price but wouldn’t go crazy for it at list…oh well.




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