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A New Product to Me At Least

February 18, 2011

Winter is lifting and I think that I actually saw the sun. The new wines are soon to be released and with that spring will certainly be coming. As usual, I have spent the winter experiencing outside tastes. Earlier it was discovering the wines of Prince Edward County and now some very interesting product from BC. Don’t get me going on why we can’t have free access to their adult beverages freely, I may turn blue.

From Facebook, I have gotten to know a very interesting lady who makes cider and has an interesting life. At first I thought she was an amateur like me, but I soon realized that she was a very serious cider maker, who wins awards and makes Ice Cider. She was kind enough to have her Ontario agent send me 4 samples. Unfortunately one arrived beheaded but 3 lovelies survived.

The result is that I am going to do a series of 4 reviews. Three of the samples then one from my local hero to see how Twin Pines Ice Cider compares. This should be fun!!

Tonite I am looking at Raven Ridge 07 Braeburn Ice Cider.

Visual: it looks like a really good Sherry. Deep and rich looking. The legs are wide, develop slow and stay. This is a sweet viscous wine.

Aroma: A wonderful sweet, apple smell. It reminds me of the best apple pie or a proper apple strudel. Theres spice and levels of aroma.

Taste: Apple apple everywhere. No bitterness and a long long finish. Though sweet, there is sufficient acid to balance it so its not cloying. Its rich, thick sweet and wonderful. It goes withoutt saying that the mouthfeel iswonderful..

Like the aroma there is the taste of the best apple pie I have ever had.

What is really cool is how it changed over time. At first I really wanted a Calvados to compare it too as there were Brandy notes there then as it warmed it became more Ice Winey. I don’t know which I liked better as both were good! But as it got slightly warmer, floral notes started to come forward. Where did they come from? I dont care, cos it made it better. Like a great Pinot, its a chameleon, changing constantly, evolving and just being great.

As I drank more I really felt that this cider would work great with a good cigar. Kinda like a Port. With a Port I think a nice CAO would be perfect, but wouldn’t be my first choice here. My choice is one which I used to buy and probably isn’t around any more. A spicy, lightish smoke made by a famous old Cuban refugee Master Roller which would play well with the sweetness of the cider and bring out that wee bit of spice o the forefront.

So do I think this Ice Cider is good. No I don’t….It’s fabulous and it is simply much better than the Ice Wines I have had.


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