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Love Wine

February 1, 2011

Terry made an amazing discovery last weekend. I fell asleep, but she finished watching a movie called “Love Wine”. Why is this a discovery???

This movie was made on Pelee Island, showed Pelee Winery as a location and was/is a wine movie. Like Sideways or Under the Tuscan Sun, Lake Erie North Shore has a movie.

Is there a reason you have never heard of it?? Unfortunately yes. It is not very good, but it is our movie.
A lady has to go back to her families winery after her aunt and uncle die in a car crash. Their winery made ‘love wine’ which was made of grape that they crushed by doing the nasty in the press. Yuck!!! I really don’t want to go into the health and safety issues involved in this practice, but it made the basis for a bad movie.

Let me know if anyone is in it or if there is any cool info. Me, I want a copy for my library and will force people to watch it.


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