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Jim’s Regain My Sanity Tour

November 21, 2010

Last weekend, Terry took me to Saugautauk so that I may regain my sanity. I never could have dreamed how nice it could be. Much nicer than Niagara on the Lake, bigger than Bayfield, this will be our get away.


We went to Marshall on the way. This is a nice old town near Kalamazoo. Renowned for old homes and micro breweries it was our type of place. Food was great and we got some local beer.


Then to Saugautauk. Off the highway and head north-west and we made it b 5. We were amazed as to what we saw. The town is located on a protected harbour and not the lake but it is water centric. Found our hotel and headed to the web to scope stuff out. There are some good sites but the Gay Guide to Douglas/Sagautauk was the best. Found out that there was a wine/grocer about 150′ away and the bowling alley was a great place to eat. Hmmmmm. So off to the grocer and got a six pack of wine, vodka, blood Mary mix, cheese, bread, cider, wine glasses (couldn’t drink good pinot from my travel plastic ones) for 150 bucks….not bad. We had dinner at a great English pub and walked around. The restaurants were full and the bars were cool…..I like this place.


Saturday, we found the lake. Its over the dune/mountain and is cool…really great beach and big, very big. Went to town and to some winery stores. Michigan wine can be very, very good. Like here I joked that you can’t ripen grapes in Michigan. He laughed and brought out the good stuff. It was ripe and wonderful. We bought a Merlot to have with Gary and Wanda. I need to share that baby. Got more wine from the grocer and had the same girl at the checkout. Got the you are a drunk look and here is the card for AA but hey, needed more Pinot. Dinner at the Wild Dog which got 4 squares by the guide and it was packed. Terry had a wonderful pinot and me artisanal beer. Dinner was great, service was superb and the bill was $88. Would have been double here.


Sunday, we went to Holland. I had heard that it was a nice place so off we went. And yes, they had a few old school windmills, saw no wooden shoes but had a great time watching the Lions at the New Holland Brewing Company. The had a great idea. Six samples for 8 bucks. Sampled some great beers and got to know them. Me, beer is like wine. Good stuff needs to be savoured and I would rather 1 good beer than 10 Bud Lights. Food was great and our waitress offered us Refugee Status. Thats cool, but with Janet the Groper running Homeland Security, methinks she wouldn’t recognize the status. Bill was very fair. We will be back.


Back to the room and more Pinot then dinner. Where do we go???? Well to downtown Douglas and all was crowded so the bowling Alley it was. Burgers, etc, local beer, but it was done great!! Service was very good and the burger was wonderful. Terry ordered some onion rings and they were perfect. I love it when fried food is done right. It isn’t hard but it takes care.


Monday we came home. It was first day of deer season so we waited till it was safe. We didn’t take the freeway cos we wanted to see the country.


West Michigan is very pretty. Old homes nice people and reasonable prices. Most people we met were people who came to visit and didn’t leave. I like that. Next visit will take in the galleries as this has become an artist colony. More food, drink and fun to come.





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  1. APP permalink
    November 24, 2010 11:09 pm

    Saw those people in Kingsville in Star; they’re selling beer kits and I thought of you and also the blog… I wanted to write. Sounds like you had a Chelsea morning in Saugatuck. Wunnerful. And a Joy too. Jim,be nice to Janet the Groper. She can play basketball like no other.

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