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Syrah, Shiraz..I don’t Care Cos Its Good

November 19, 2010

Well its been a while since I posted. Life has been “fun” to say the least so I’m back!!!

Tonite, I am having a wine that I feel is very important to this region and one which I truly enjoy. Food, well the meat is from a dear friend’s store.

I was in Harrow for a meeting and decided to stop in the local market. Amy, who’s family owns it, had told me that the have a real butcher and do their own meat. Say what!!!!, you cut down primals??? Yes they do.

So I check out the meat counter and tho its small, it looked great. Pork chops looked wonderful, rouladen (ah rouladen) , rolled meat things and man all looked so nice. I was going to bbq so I wanted a steak. I got me a 1” New York. Cut really well and not a bad price. As you always know, price is important to me.

The wine is a 2006 Syrah from Viewpoint. This wine is a steal and has an Amy connection also. I know Amy from Viewpointe where she works and where she took the Master Taster with me. Also, the wine was blended by Claudia, who is also a Master Taster Alum.

Syrah is the main grape from the Northern Rhone Valley. The Rhone is south of Nirvana, aka Burgundy, but different. As we go south into Provence they introduce alot of other grapes to the blend. Granache is a fave along with some I just cannot spell.

In Australia it is called Shiraz and is bigger beefier, jammier and to me not that great. I like “cool climate” wines and well we are “cool climate” so thats great. What is the difference. When the grapes ripen, thier sugar content goes up while the acid falls. This sounds great but with no acid wine tastes like poo. In hot climates their is so much sugar that the wine becomes jammy, sweet and I just don’t like it. Give me lean and mean…. kinda like my body.

Music is John Coltrane’s Lush Life. Vinyl of course! Why did we go digital? Music is analog and just sounds better.

I grilled the steak after hitting it hard with blackening spice. I let it sit while I heated the grill and found my tank was well, low….no real heat but 15 minutes a side did the trick. I made red beans and rice last night, so I added some hot Slap our Mama and some salsa to the rice to lets say, turn it up a notch. Yeah it was a wee bit spicy, but I am having Syrah, which should work.

The wine is really what this is about.

Visual: deep red, nice and dark and wen I tilt it the color stayed to the edge (very good). Legs are Condi quality and it just looks inviting.

Aroma: I aerated the wine, which kinda kills the nose but let’s go. Leather, oak, spice. I just get so much nice leather. When I was little I had a buckskin coat. A very western one with all the trimmings and I just remembered the smell when I smelled the wine. Complex and inviting. I could just smell this wine.

Taste: There is the leather but the taste is much more. This is a delicate wonderful wine. Reminds me of a beautiful woman who is a black belt. Beauty and power. Balance and strength, but delicate. Secondary is the front, but I get alot of fruit too. Some bright berries and dark fruit at the same time. There are levels here. Acid is there along with a nice balance of tannins. It just is there.

So this is a wonderfully balanced complex wine……and guess what….the price is good too.

And the food. A delicate but strong wine accompanying a spicy meal. The steak wasn’t too spic and the wine just worked. It wasn’t to tannic or alcoholic, so it stood up and just survived, but well. I had worried but it held up.

I look to Viewpointe for great wines and this one is right up there. It is simply wonderful and a steal at the price. I bought a case (in 2 visits) and want more.


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