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September 26, 2010

I rec’d this and will post this. I can take criticism and obviously they cannot. It appears that this came from inside of the festival organization. Please check the email where it came from.  here is the email  Sour Grapes I certainly hope that this isn’t from inside the organization and is just someone who hates me. I can deal with that!!
If you know me please come out and state who you are. I never intimated I was on par with Tony Aspler, how could you infer that. Are you the person who spread the rumors about me? Trust me I heard all about them and have a good idea who started them.

You do not need to read my blog if you feel so strongly against me and why would you…I woudn’t waste my time!

September 26, 2010 1:47 pm

You really don\’t get it do you. You are sour because you were not asked to do a lecture at the festival. You can not compare yourself with Mr Aspler. The festival is much better with out people like you who see nothing but the negative. Your only concern is what is in it for you. We do not need people like you at festivals. Perhaps too much consumption of wine on your part???????. I have heard that this may be an issue with you???????. Why do you need a new festival to go to? Have you finally figured out that you have worn out your welcome here? Also, what concern is it of yours on who gets the money from the festival. Get over yourself.



to my valued readers

oi…thats it…all of it..hey i can handle criticism.. i’ve let negativet comments thru before so please comment more. funny said writer actually found me as we all know I just moved

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  1. September 28, 2010 1:07 pm

    Wow – apparently in Sour Grapes’ world one is not allowed to have an opinion.
    Here is mine…
    Being a casual wine enthusiast, I loved this idea of the wine fest featuring local wineries. I have been known to drive 1/2 an hour for a good bottle of Pinot (Sprucewood!).

    It’s not my business where the money raised by the festival goes, but I know it’s not to charity, so I’m going to choose not to support it. That’s my opinion by the way. I’m allowed to have one.

    There are many aspects of the festival that IN MY OPINION, I did not care for, let’s review – if that’s okay. I’m not going to bother with the positive, because In My Opinion, the negatives win.

    – I attended an early afternoon seminar, and there was a band cranking out the tunes less than 100 yards away. I could barely hear the speaker. Poor organization there.
    – I attended a cooking demonstration and a group of ladies entered the pavillion to chat, sit, and get out of the sun. They were rude, drunk and disrespectful. No one was there to ask them to leave.
    – I left the fest one afternoon around 5pm and in front of me was ‘Wine Fest Bob’ with a glass shoved in one pocket, and an opened bottle of wine in the other pocket. Seriously – I took a picture. Great security.
    – At night there are areas that are so dark, I could hardly see my hand in front of my face. Poor planning.
    – There was such a lack of seating, drunks would hover around picnic tables like vultures – I came back from the bathroom, and the lady that took my seat (with my friends!) refused to move.
    – I saw a drunk trip over and onto a baby stroller.
    – Parking isn’t easy unless you’re there at the crack of 10am.
    – The most deciding factor for me was seeing a ‘Lady’ on a security golf cart who had recently defecated and vomited on herself. It was about 7pm. I often wondered who ‘claimed’ this woman and how they ‘cleaned her up’. A fire hose near the portajohns? Toss her in the river?

    The wine fest is just not for me. Simple as that. As much as I’m attracted to the wine, food and people, I’m not into it for the reasons mentioned above. Obviously a lot of people are – and that’s okay with me. Different strokes.

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