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My Response to the Comments

September 25, 2010

Reading the comments makes me want to comment more.

I have been exposed to alot of people who are less than impressed with the festival as it is now and where it is heading, so I will add my thoughts:

  1. the site is becoming a problem. Its charm is wonderful, but it simply is not large enough for the current crowd load. To me it has lost its charm. I see the parks in Belle River, Leamington and Tecumseh having much more amenities including parking
  2. current management is moving the festival into the Epicure area. It is a drunkfest and not a Wine Fest. They are taking advantage of the wineries and treating them as vendors rather than the focal points.
  3. This is supposed to be a wine fest and not a food fest but it seems to now be a food fest with wine. As pointed out by a better blog/webpage that the food demos far outnumbered the wine seminars and the Riedel one was basically an infomercial. Funny Mike Pinkus and I filled our seminars but were not wanted anymore.
  4. The token approach is not fun tho methinks that is a gov’t mandate. Not only a pain, it keeps tips from the wineries’ servers.
  5. I think the plastic glasses are a move forward. Though glass is way better, the plastic avoids all those possible nasty moments with glass.
  6. I am pleased with the attendance, but who gets the proceeds???

For the future:

  1. I would like to see a new festival that is about wine and the local food, brought in by farmers and prepared there by chefs not restaurants buying their ingredients from Mexico and China. I present what View Pointe was selling from their food site as my model.
  2. this festival would be held during the day to make it FAMILY FRIENDLY. Bring the kids the dog and make it a nice day
  3. we can add the work of local artists
  4. avoid the beer tent mentality that the SOE has gotten

I bear no ill will to the current festival and I do think it still promotes the wine but I want to know if the fest increases the visits to the wineries. This I need to find out. Me, I would like to find a new festival to go to.


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