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September 4, 2010

Ah, Labour Day!!! I took yesterday off so its a 4 day weekend for me!!

Got home from the kick off meeting for the restoration of Assumption Church (so nice to attend a meeting with no blame laying, screaming, swearing etc) to an email that said VOX is closing. Oh joy….I just do the cyber stuff so well and my old blog site is inundated with spam. Where do I go???

I had no time to worry as we were invited to a tasting at a winery to be. “The Tall One” was was in my Food and Wine class and is finishing up his Master Taster…me, I'm actually done.

As a proper (unlike me) Engineer, “The Tall One” has an experimental field so that he can choose the right grapes….me I would probably do the shotgun approach and fail miserably.

Held in his barn…really cool old one, he had assembled a group of past Master Tasters (me), current students and a vineyard and winery to be owner. A quite eclectic group. I give him cred for showing his wares and exposing himself.

We started out with a summer blend which if marketed now would have sold out. A fun wine that I could have drank all night. We had this as we walked thru his vineyard and man I just love walking thru vineyards.

In the barn we had his Rieslings…bright and mineral (just the way I like them) and then a chard to die for and then the reds…..cad franc, foch, foch ice wine, then the riesling ice wine…..oh boy was that good.

Nibbly bits abounded and they went quite well with the wine. TTO had a fun blending game. His foci rose to be mixed with foci ice wine. In our little group we ended up with a port and then tried to figure out which cigar went with it….it was fun.

Its great to see another winery to be. Of course its off the water, in a clay base, in Essex County….OOPs Muscedere is not far and can make award winning wines so maybe the “experts” are wrong. Trust me if anyone can figure out how to make wine here, TTO certainly can.

Merci, TTO for the invite and a great evening!!


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