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A New Wine From Friends

August 24, 2010

We were coming home from picking up Myles at camp. We had to be there for 10 and its in Bayfield so we had to get up real early. OK is 10 am in Bayfield and what are we going to do. I need a drink after 3 hours in the car and no sleep. So home we head….wh don't we have 7 am first call like Michigan?? We came home thru London so we could have lunch at Joe Kools. Beer and pizza…I'm ok now. Actually this is the route my GPS gives. Well we decided to take hwy 3 home as it was a nice day, the lake drive is scenic, I hate driving the 401 and yes Smith and Wilson becomes on the way.

Smith and Wilson is a wonderful winery nestled along the lake in Blenhiem. It has a beatiful view and well, I like them. They are nice people who do make a good bottle of wine. Its a century farm so he knows his terroir which is pefect. A cliff to the lake for ventillation, coarse soil and limestone below….can you say Pinot Noir…..none yet.
Tonight I am listening to OP…Oscar Peterson, a great Canadian pianist who would be hands down the best musician we have ever produced, except one Glenn Gould. Well Oscar was a great man and Glenn was "odd".
A live album on Telarc (so its a cd…I know …I hate cds but I am lazy tonite.
Due to the Germanic nature of the wine I chose a natural….schnitzel, but I did it like a Cajun German would…. Slap Your Mama spice on the meat ( the hot one that APP brought back from the redneck riviera), more spice mix in with the flour, green tabasco in the egg wash, and just normal bread crumbs. Fried up in butter and olive oil. Served with local fresh potatoes and corn with jalepenoes and butter.
The wine is their Pinot Gris. The best of these come from Alsace, but now its made everywhere and we do some good ones down here. Bad ones can be too minerally, and or thin with no taste…lets see this one.
Visual: light gold clear with good leggs… far so good
Aroma: a very mild nose that smelled of grapes and citrus with a hint of mineral
Taste: good acid with a mineral finish. quite citrussy and light. But the finish is quite long with mineral and melon. A very nice wine
With m Frankenstein German food. It held up well. There isn't too much acid so it didn't fight the spice. It has enuff cajones to work with the pork. It did very well. Seems I have been wanting to test wines rather than make it easy.
This wine is a very nice wine. It has enuff to mate with food and is quite enjoyable. Served chilled on the deck, this would be a winner …. or with shrimp or crab cakes…yum…well OP is being mellow, cats are asleep. And I am just chillin

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