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When Late is Great

July 27, 2010

Saturday was not nice. I wanted some fish so it was off to the Kingsville dock. There I wanted some fresh pickerel. BUT to my dismay it was closed, I mean deserted.

I did see a sign for fish so I followed it and it led to a plant…..I went up then gave up. Dejected I walked to my car and then a voice said: “can I help you”. Well this was the processing plant and I got the freshest fish possible. It had been caught Friday night and the Fisheries man blessed the catch Saturday morning. I got fish before it went to the stores….cool.

So I had to get wine for dinner. White, crisp and a wee bit of sweetness as I was going to do a Cajun thing. So Pelee was close and I know that they do German style wines wonderfully, but I wanted Sauv Blanc…the Ladies to be specific and so I went to taste.

Service was simply superb and should be a model for anyone. I was greeted and, yes I am known, but they were so good. Walter said hello and I was made to feel that I was a valued customer. I tasted the new line (a Pinot review to come soon) and then to the dinner wine. I thought Sauv Blanc but was worried that it may not handle the heat well, so a wee bit of sweetness was needed. There is the Pinot Gris and that was VQA Pelee Island and then the Late Harvest Riesling. That would have been perfect but it was too sweet for Terry so I settled on the Pinot Gris.

Not only did it satisfy the food pairing it was from the island and the fish was caught off the island. Terroir, anyone? Can you get an better. The fish live in the lake the lake nourishes the island and they have a symbiotic bond. They were made for each other.

Well I met Sambo at the Kildare for a few (yes I dropped off the fish) and was late getting home. No flowers, but she forgave me.

The perch was dredged in a Cajun coating then fried. Terry stuffed a zucchini and then we had fingerlings from down the street.

So its Monday and I just had the leftovers..which btw may be fresher than some stores have the perch I bought.

Lets look at the wine. I am now listening from some very old live Al Jarreau (glad to see he's ok after the collapse in France. I love his old stuff and have seen him several times. He last time was at Pine Knob and he was doing his new (commercial stuff) the broke into “my analyst told me I was out of m head” and when the crowd cheered he smiled and said “do you wan the good stuff” and proceeded to do some great old jazz.

Now the wine….2007 Pinot Gris Vendage Tardive…a mouthful but that means it was a Late Harvest wine, which to me is music to my ears. Late Harvest wines are basically better. The grapes are left on the vine, ripen more and develop. The acid drops as the sugars increase, but you just don't do this with junk grapes to get them ripe….this is better. Now it doesn't necessarily mean the wine will be sweet it just has more initial sugar and to me usually more complexity.

Visual: nice golden colour, great legs..all is good so far

Aroma: my sample is a wee bit cold, but lets give it a whirl: apricots and tropical fruit, bananas…very nice and a hint of honey-suckle. As it warms the floral aromas just bloom….soo nice

Taste:good mineral and acid backbone and a finish that lingers…very Alsatian like. Like the nose I get gobs of apricots, banana and a slight sweetness. There is floral notes which hang on for a while. This wine is complex and wonderful.

With the food it was great. Enough acid to cut through the oil, enough sweetness to foil the sweet perch and it handled the spice well. In all a great match.

This wine is a prime example of what can be made here. I feel bad that they are known for their volume wines when they make so many great wines that are quite well priced and are simply excellent. For those, head to the winery and discover just how good their good wine is.


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  1. July 27, 2010 11:52 am

    Jim, I love the way you make a simple meal sound like an adventure 🙂

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