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Two For You

July 13, 2010

Cabernet Time

It's wonderful when you taste a wine the “is there”. We did that yesterday and the wine managed to do it again with dinner.

As our usual Saturday we did our 10 minute meal. Terry wanted steak so it was off to Wild Acre. BTW he is moving his retail operation to the Woodslee Mini Mart on Belle River Road so it will be easier to get his meat. Me, a rib-eye and Terry a New York. Potatoes from Mimi. Corn from Cornland Corners and peaches from Murray's (but we didn't get to dessert).

I can't believe that peaches are out, I hope they are sweet and the corn is finally getting sweet enuff for me.

The wine is from Mastronardi which is again 10 minutes away. Its the Cabernet Sauvignon. Not my usual wine but this one is good. Laura said it was tasting very well and yes it was…great mouth feel and taste. YUP guess you just cant ripen Cab here. Just like you can't grow Pinot. I love it when “experts” are shown to be full of bs. Funny you can do it in Niagara and we have a longer season……but of course we can't but then how can this wine taste so good???? Guess I know nothing.

Music is Bach, the Brandenburg Concerto's. A cheap digital cop but ok. The classy mellow music worked beautiful with the wine.

Visual: deep red, almost opaque with very nice legs

Aroma: deep dark berries, oaky, smokey nice and complex

Taste: it just has a wonderful mouth-feel, thick viscous, oh so nice. I get deep dark berry fruit and there it is my old ball-glove…you know those great real leather ones from the sixties. Boy those secondary flavours are there. Oh yes there are tannins galore and a good acid. Wonderful backbone.

This bad boy is complex and nicely balanced.

With the steak it went wonderful. It cut thru the fat and had the tannins to deal with the rareish steaks. It danced with the potatoes (just try a fresh potato with dill and butter…yummmmmmm) and yes it did well with the corn.

I generally am not a 'big wine' fan. I like lean delicate reds, but like I say: open your mind and boy it paid here. A wonderful wine and an excellent value.


Fresh and Lively

Another hot day. I really don't want to bitch but I want kinda cool…..let it be hot by the lake for the grapes, but here cool. Well the heat helps the corn so damn!!!!

Tonite I decided to have some trout. I doused it liberally with Slap our Mama but the hot one APP brought me. Yum….local potatoes (not fresh tho… they were dug up last week) done with rosemary garlic, plus gras butter and cream ( health food baby!!! actually all are good and natural) and marrow-fat peas. Again I have made it hard on the wine to deal with the fish (has enuff acid to cut thru BUT it was spicy so too much acid and oi…….this wine is dry …we'll see) and the garlicky creamy potatoes could kill a wine. Marrow-fat peas are great English fare (just mushy peas not mushed).

Music was a German pressing of Bill Evans but the wine shone with the XTC I put on after. It wants happy music.

The wine is Erie Shores ..Blanc de Blanc. This is a Vidal based wine which is done dry and really surprised me. Vidal has gotten so much better lately and may be a wine to drink on the deck for us all. It yields well so it can be cost effective…I like that btw.

Visual: light straw colour…nice and bright with fast forming legs which would imply dry and alcohol..11.5% so that indicator worked well….man I could drink this all day!!!

Aroma: mild nose and I find this wine likes to be chilled so the nose will be muted, but it is very fresh and citrusy. Nice

Taste: It has a good mouth-feel and it just rolls in there. Not strong but pleasant. This is a light cheery wine. Yael Naim would be a perfect music match for this. But it isn't fluff. I get a good backbone of acid and mineral…its there but not 'up front'. The finish is long and citrusy which is the dominate taste of this wine. I like this wine.

Did it hold to the food. Yes it did. It had enuff acid to fend off the trout but not enuff to get the spice to react with it…it walked the fine line. It is food friendly but I see this wine as a quaffer on the deck or around the pool. It is light happy and refreshing and just the thing for summer.

This is a wine to just have fun and enjoy and at the price I can enjoy alot!!!!!!


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  1. July 13, 2010 3:47 pm

    [ciò è buono]

  2. July 13, 2010 5:57 pm

    must make pappardelle…….from scratch….and live dangerously like nick and wear black

  3. July 13, 2010 6:48 pm

    go full out. make it with shrimp and scallops and a cream sauce….subliminally of course

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