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Man its Hot Outside

July 6, 2010

I hope all had a great weekend. It was Canada Day last Thursday, so as great patriots we chose to work and take the long weekend. If this was across the river….it would have been like Thanksgiving where the long weekend starts Wednesday and goes to Tuesday…a grand idea.

We celebrated by going to Eastern Market in Detroit. I love this market and it is amazing how suburbanites just seem to miss it. We got our cheese, Amish chicken, sausages and more Slap Your Mama which is my favourite Cajun seasoning salt. Oh yes, coneys to warm up then it was off to the Oak Cafe for real beer and a proper burger. I discovered another fine craft brewer Dragon Meade from Warren. Excellent stuff!! I just wish we had more craft brewers here. Yes there are many but American ones seem to be funner, more irreverent and willing to take chances. I had a Final Absolution and man this Belgian style beer was spot on. Bet you could sell this at the Cadieux Cafe and the old Belgians would think they were back home.

Well Saturday was a footie day…..boy Germany looks good but we enjoyed watching my team Holland destroy Brazil. Just killed them. I would dearly like a Holland v German final. Two best teams imho.

Well what does that have to do with wine. I dunno, I'm just babbling. Oh yes, Marcus Babel is on the Holland team.

Today is very hot and I wanted to grill some sausage….chorizo from the market and have it with mushy peas and rice. Yes…I know Spain, England and China on the same plate….wine choice is basically impossible so I grabbed a Chard which should work with the weather as the sausage didn't play well with it and mushy peas need and want a British Ale.

Music is Mel Torme, on vinyl, with George Shearing. He did four albums with him and all are great. They seemed to be having fun and recorded live, they are wonderful.

The wine is Smith and Wilson's CK Chardonnay. This winery is great with great owners and a great view. I really like them and find all their wine very good. No pretensions just good down-home service. Their casual niceness shows in the wine.

So lets look at this one:

Visual: light golden colour. Legs form slow and thin suggesting low alcohol. Well wrong again…12.2% just where it should be.

Aroma: delicate, Granny Smith apples and mineral. Nice very nice

Taste: I get hints of oak…those vanilla flavours and again apples with a nice mineral follow up. The finish is long and is all apple but muted with again mineral. Very nicely balanced with nice acid.

I would hesitate to serve this with a fish fry. There doesn't seem to have enuff acid to tame the fryer ( use Vinho Verde here and get the cheaper stuff…I like it better). Go with oven done chicken and fish and life will be very good. It would go wonderfully with my oven fried chicken.

Well you gotta take the drive to the winery. Take Hwy 3 along the lake and enjoy the ride. It may take ten extra minutes but you go past two other wineries alot of fruit stands and its cooler by the lake. Trust me the view of the vineyard is worth the trip.


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  1. July 8, 2010 8:46 pm

    Spain by 2. Heineken tastes flat.

    …you used up all your SYM already?

  2. July 9, 2010 5:58 pm

    not the hot one u brought just the regular type

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