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Sunday Post Debacle Musings

June 29, 2010

Well England maintained her ability to just be awful in footy. This team on paper was good but i have rarely seen any team play with so little heart.

On the bright side Jamie Carragher played his heart out and did give one fellow a Liverpool welcome. Oh well go Holland as I like the way they play.

After the debacle I went to Muscedere to discuss the Vintage tasting with them. I also brought an early cider sample for them to try. Rob was in the field so Fab and I tried it and well he seemed to like it….its my best and I would have been gutted if he hated it!

But the good news is their new wine. Rob led me to the tank room. The Pinot Noir is superb. It will be a world beater when it gets to oak. The Meritage is wonderful and both at such an early seem to have it. Keep these in mind, as they will be very good.

But the star will be the Syrah. I had the "to be released" model and it is basically the best red wine in the county, bar none. It creeps up on you showing layer after layer. Complex tasty and just so subtle. It is worth the price tag. Yes I said that…oi I can't believe it either, but I was really taken by the wine. Its delicate but powerful….its hard to explain but its just bloody good.

Now if the Dutch can only play as well as this wine tastes….


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