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A Little Gem

June 29, 2010

Monday night and I have Monk on. Yes I love classical music…Monk Mingus and Coltrane. It mellows me and I am enjoying myself.

Food was a porterhouse steak (not a good one) hit with blackening spice then bbq'd along with potato salad.

The wine I felt should complement this and it did. A young Cab/Merlot blend so it had enuff tannins etc to stand to a slightly spicy bbq'd steak. It did quite well and now Vlad is gnawing on the bone. In his youth I once saw him take a 1.5” t-bone bone and munch it in 3 bites…he just can't do that anymore..I think he gums them.

The wine is CREW's 06 Cab/Merlot and currently it is on sale at the winery. I love a deal and this is Terry's favourite wine so I thought I'd review it.

Per my usual protocol the wine was aerated (does kinda kill the nose though) into a decanter. This was the way it used to be done except you decanted hours before and I just can't wait so I mechanically aerate.

Visual: deep deep red and when tilted the wine kept colour to the edge…a good sign. Legs are thickish and fast implying some residual sugar and or alcohol. It has 12.9% so thats good. The fruit were quite ripe and man I hate those 15% wines……

Btw proper Bordeaux's are around this number.

Just an aside but reds have alot of residual sugar in them.

Aroma: I get tobacco, and really barb berries like a raspberry or a mulberry (Terry has a tree…never had one before) and oak….it is inviting

Taste: the reason why we are here. Again the dark berries with oak and a hint of tobacco. A nicely balanced wine. There are tannins a plenty along with enough acid to make the food work. I'm going to add a little mineral too. Again a nice balance wine for food.

A steal at the asking price this wine works well in the bbq season. Steak, lamb and basically anything that doesn't grow up in a coop or is from the sea. And face it shrimp is off the menu for a while anyway.

I guess Terry is right on this one.


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