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An Old Boy

June 22, 2010

Its the first day of summer, fireworks night and a nasty storm is on its way in. So what wine do I choose?

Lets see, I have been doing some “feminine” wines, light fruit 'girlie' wines. Oh how about a nice vinho verde??? Portugal just spanked North Korea in the World Cup so that would be apropos. No, the loony one Kim whatever probably is killing their relatives now and aiming a missile at Lisbon. Fortunately his missiles don't work very well and Lisbon is well out of their range. So as the team is looking at every way to defect, I cannot do a Portuguese wine.

So another light wine…..yup…a 2001 Cab/Merlot from ViewPointe. Light and fruity a delicate wine, one to have with sole. Yeah right!!! This is a BIG BOY. Tannic, acid backbone, oak…..and and…. well everything I don't usually like. But I like this. Dirty Harry and Sir Rod would love this wine. When I sell my house and do the whole lamb meal I will get this for them and they will be in heaven. I will enjoy too!!! Pinot this is not!

I had it with lamb chops and a wild rice mix. The lamb was from Ewe Dell and very nice. I hit it hard with herbes de provence, oil, and cajun spice, cos I wanted to and I wanted to see if the wine could hold up. Grilled with some/alot of hickory smoke (still in the grill) and then eaten…duh.

I aerated the wine as I do with all reds except Pinot Noir. This I feel allows the wine to come thru and smooth the wine. It alas kills the nose.

Visual: dark red, almost as deep as my Gran's roses. Legs are narrow and fast…good legs….ah hell these are Condi quality legs.

Aroma: complex and lots of secondary flavors. I get dark fruit and oak..real black berries all over….very nice

Flavor: well I first got hit with loads of tannins oak and a backbone of acid. Big tannins…wow after 9 years and the oak!!!! still there. The taste is mainly secondary but there is still a blackberry taste there. This my friends is a biggie.

Now how did it hold up to the lamb. Bordeaux is a classic lamb match but those herbs. It did just well and basically said: “ come and get me”. It did and worked wonderfully with the lamb and the smokiness in the meat worked in concert with the oak in the wine.

A rare steak would be wonderful but a good steak…a rib steak…Angus..yes….sorry I gapped.

I really like this wine. It isn't my style but the quality come out. Nine years and still this big…wow…

If you like BIG REDS go for this one and enjoy. Its a very cost effective way to peer into the world of older wine….agebility??? yup it still could use some but its good now!!


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