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Like Man Open Your Mind

June 15, 2010

To have a closed mind may be the worst handicap a person may have. To not be able to see the new or just be scared to see it has to be awful.

When it comes to wine, close mindeness seems to rule the roost. I hate red wine…I never drink white….oooh this is a sweet wine…I only drink California wine…yada yada yada. You've heard them all and so have I. And lets be honest, we all do it. I hate Retsina and see no use for it. My mentor loved it and tried to explain that he had to have it with Greek food. In Greektown with him I drank beer, him Retsina…both happy.

Now to fruit wine…oh boy..not wine no good…why bother. Like open your minds dude and experience.

Try them and enjoy and btw a grape is a fruit!!!!

Tonite's wine is Rush Creek's Gooseberry Blush. Gooseberry!!!! Pray tell…what are they. Little green berries which are tart very tart and if you like New Zealand Sauv Blanc you may just like it…its the essence of Sauv Blanc.

Visual: golden colour and thick slow legs which implies some sweetness.

Aroma: you can smell the mineral…really odd and not expected and of course gooseberry and really tart cherry.

Taste: really tart with a good mineral backbone. Really quite astringent and has a longish finish. This wine is refreshing. Think tart red currents.

This wine would be wonderful on a hot summer day, tart and refreshing, it would be a godsend. Can you match it with food? Certainly!!! I would think fried….perch (yum), calamari stuff like that.

Rush Creek is in Ayr kinda near Port Stanley which has some cool restaurants. There are some antique shops and Quai de Vin is nearby so there are things to do. Take a day trip and enjoy.


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