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The 100 Mile Meal Is Too Easy

June 8, 2010

I love this time of year. New wines being released (shush, that means sales on the old stock…ok I'm cheap) and the new produce. Man I just love it. Things are great, the fruit stands are open, asparagus is almost done and strawberries are out. Oh this is fun!!!

I notice that there is a show regarding a 100 mile meal. Well down here, we can and did a 10 minute meal. The foodstuffs were from our neighbours, except dairy..the local one closed, cheese…oh don't get me started on that!!!! I just love quotas, olive oil…ok we are in Canada and pepper.

Lets see….salad….fresh greens…some sort of lettuce that was about 10 minutes old when I bought it at Pretli's, blue cheese dressing…ok not local but I made it….radishes from Mimi. Exquisit taste…nothing like salad from a bag.

Dinner: lamb from Ewe-Dell. He called it 'educated' lamb as he had something involving the agricultural college with these lambs. All I know is that it was wonderful. Some herbes de provence oil (ok he be easy as I just planted my garden and herbes de jim will be available soon), grilled over some old whiskey barrel chips (Seagrams and Hiram Walker down here btw)… Asparagus from Murray's Market along with peas. New potatoes from Mimi's. So here we go…Mimi's is about 3 minutes down the road and Pretli's and Murray'sss (across the street from each other) are all the way across Cottam (the culinary and winepicentreer of the county and home of the Cottam Wine Society, which is 5 minutes down the street.

Desert was strawberry pie with the strawberries from Mimi tho she admits they aren't hers as the rains finished her flowers off a few weeks ago. OH MY LORD WAS THAT GOOD!

The wine was Shiraz from Aleksander and Syrah from Mastronardi. Different takes on the same base grape. Izabel's (Aleksander's winemaker) was a wee bit fuller than Lyse's (Mastronardi's winemaker). Lyse's was leaner, which I like, but I like both and both went wonderfully.

So what's my point? No not to **** myself. I leave that to Ron Jeremy…..sorry bout that one, but to show what we have down here. Great produce and I implore you to explore the stands while you are getting wine. There is the CR 34 corridor, then the stretch between Leamington and Kingsville along the lake. Harrow/Colchester area.You really need to take advantage of these as our fearless leader almost made them extinct and we have alot more than other areas in the province. We are blessed with some great fruit (oooohhhh peaches soon, plums pears apricots apples….you know I may ferment them all) Then there is the local lamb and beef and veal and goat and and and oh yeah chicken…love real chicken.

So lets see: cheese yes…oil yes (adm at the river) flour …yes we got the fellows in Tecumseh who do the East Indian exotics along with wheat flour (wheat is grown locally btw) Thibert Farms in Comber

Fruits…forget about it…lamb…up beef…yup…goat…yup…..rabbit..yup theres a sign in Lakeshore….fish…yup…wine ..yup…whiskey…yup…beer…yup…cider…yup and the sum of the bounty…the undisputed best pizza in the whole effin world!!!!!!!

So the 100 mi meal is easy, but we need to do some more work and demand that we get it at restaurants and in our markets.

Post Script and the important stuff:

the peas: oh my god…fresh candy…there is nothing better than fresh peas, but the have to be picked within 6 hrs of eating….candy I say

Fresh new potatoes….new potatoes are fresh aren't they??? no grasshopper…fresh is just out of the ground…the texture is fantastic, the taste is so different…add some garlic tops and oh my lord….I could have just eaten the potatoes and the peas.

The lamb…wonderful mild lamb which is so different from imported lamb…its the terroir and the care from Mr Feurth. He's a nice guy and a great lamb farmer? Rancher? Whatever his lamb is so refined and delicate. It is great….

Now the wine….both great and the terroir effect is here in droves. The lambs ate from the same terroir, the peas sprung from it, the potatoes grew in it and they all share the terroir….like, likes, like you know things from the same area go with each other.

Terroir is everything and it applies to everything, wine, food people…we all are from the same dirt (there's alot more to terroir btw but the analog works).


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