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The Ladies

June 1, 2010

Isn't it lovely outside. I spent about 2 hrs in a meeting and got to walk thru the rain. Thats ok….I get paid to do that. So I'm in Harrow so what do I do? I decide to go to Pelee Island to get wine for dinner. Hey its kinda just down the road and yes, maybe six wineries were closer and I wanted veal (red not white btw) so there is a Zehrs across the street.

I tried the Chardonnay flight and the Barrique seems quite interesting. Oaked yes but not overoaked…has alot of promise. Then the wee lass brought out the Pinot Gris…ah a favourite of yore. Possibly the best wine I have had from Pelee and its back! Yum Yum Yum eat 'em up…it is very very good. Then came “The Ladies”, the Sauvignon Blanc. Oh so nice but it is VQA Ontario, not the island…boohoo as the old one was and was just so good……I bought 3 cases and it was way over the top when I was done…still good but done….that is a lesson on setting up a cellar….with a real expensive wine it could have been tragic.

So I went to Zehr's and got pickerel…yes I wanted veal but I just went…well it is nice… some mozzarella and as I had basil and tomatoes at home there was dinner.

Dinner music is the Brandenburg Concerto's, on an ancient Telefunken recording and yes of course vinyl. It just sounds so nice and the Bach just works in this weather.

The wine…ok …I forgot is “the Ladies”. This is an 07 Sauvignon Blanc from Pelee Island. Well its VQA Ontario so all the grapes aren't from the island but oh well.

The wine just worked with the music setting me into a visual space in the Loire Valley with castles, water and meadows. This theme continued.

Ok Ok I'll get back to the wine.

Visual: light straw colour with fast thin legs…ah hell not it just goes in sheets so the leg theory is out

Aroma: I immediately was sent to a meadow with a meandering brook with stones in it and a few fruit trees along for the ride. It isn't a big nose but I do get clean, grass, pears, and minerality…very nice….and who said music doesn't influence

Taste: oh I'm back in the meadow. Green grass, not just cut like a New Zealand but growing with the brook and its stones for minerality with a nice hit of acid for backbone. I just keep tasting the meadow, with a pear tree there. This is very nice and complex, with no aggressive tone. Kinda the opposite of a New Zealand and just oh so restrained.

With the pickerel it sang. I hit the pickerel with some slap your mama and as Aretha sang…just a little bit. There was enough acid to work with the fat of the fish and it neither dominated or was dominated by the fish.

It works with Bach. I don't know, but the wine is an old wine, a grape from France, the Loire where castles abounded and this music was played. It is wonderful.

I still like the memory of the older “Ladies” but in time this ma be my new memory. Its just so nice to see a large winery still be able to make a wine of this calibre and be so cool to have the owner laugh at the door and suggest I made a good decision to want to try the Barrique and his staff remembering me. A nice touch from such a large winery.

Well “the Ladies” are back and I am happy.


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