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All Canadian Wine Championships

May 22, 2010

Thursday was the public night reception for the All Canadian Wine Championships. Held in Windsor each spring, it is the oldest Canadian competition and by the looks of all the entrants it is well respected.

I give the organizers credit that the have managed to get wine from all across Canada thus being truly representative of what we make as a country.

Which region is best? Are BC wines the best?? I had some stinkers so well some are great. They have a great climate, great press, great terroir. Great great great…Niagara…well big bucks, big companies and well good wine….some of m favourites are from there….Prince Edward is one to watch. BIG Toronto money, touristy stuff, history and very good tho expensive wine.

Now to 'me mates'. Me I think we hold up to everyone. Well, we didn't clean up (seems we never do) but did win our share. Its too bad that we seem to clean up at the Finger Lakes Competition but not at the local one…Oh well,

So what do you get for your 30 bucks. Well you support the hospital as it is a charity event. Ou get to sample wine from alll over Canada that our commissars at the lickbo deem us unworthy to be able to buy and taste some great cheese.

I forgot that you get to mingle with the local winery people and hang with them. And the cheese layout was great!!! But every time I went there was a crowd that didn't move only at the table I was at. The other was clear…so I would go there and 3 or 4 grazers would show up. I am sure that it was planned that way…just to drive me crazy,

Mark this one down on our calender for next ear and support this event. Its alot of fun, and you really can taste some great wine.


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