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Got Me Over a Barrel

May 11, 2010

Tonite is the first Monday where I don't have class for about 2 years. Terry has gone to a friends for movie night, so the house is mine.

Music is OP, Oscar Peterson, An Evening With. This is a Mono Japanese pressing, which I guess is from the late 50's. Oscar man is just so good. Its with Ray Brown and its just sooooooo good. Listening to vinyl is what music is about. Kinda like a fine wine, it gives more and more info up. Yes the recording can get rough but its still alive, again like a good wine.

Food was grilled lobster tails. I have never done them before and they were, lets say, cheap so I thought to give them a try. I grilled them in alot of pecan smoke, covered them with a garlic brown butter sauce with some cajun seasoning….worked well though I am still not that crazy about lobster, but Terry is and I need to learn to cook it and I'd rather experiment on me.

Ah yes the wine. The wine choice is a result of the food. Smoke, butter, unctuousness,creamy meat, seafood. Only one real choice and that is Chardonnay. Ah but add this twist….Barrel Fermented Chardonnay. Yes a yeasty, thick, oaky, smokiness. Yes I went over the top for this one.

The wine is Sprucewood's 2008 Barrel Fermented Chardonnay. Geographically, they are the westernest winery of the Colchester group and across the road from possibly the best place to eat down that way, The Meadows. I remember when it was well….. but now its so nice…good work and the food is quite good and reasonable.

Lets look at the wine:

Visual: a wee bit brassy like it has seen a barrel (duhhh). Legs come down wide and fast maybe implying some alcohol and sweetness but at 12.5% its confusing things. BTW wine should be around 12-13 % not 16-17 range….Lower alcohol usually suggests some civility and complex flavours other than burnt fruit and raisin jam.

Aroma: boy, I get the oak and a floral sweetness. Apples are there, some really nice proper ones that are the older varieties, but sweated (stored). Butter everywhere.

This wine has a nice complex nose and the oak isn't overdone.

Taste: this wine has a nice backbone of acid and mineral (no wonder it worked with the food) and the oak is there but controlled… nice old apple taste is there with some wonderful florally notes, butter yes.

Mouth-feel is nice and rich. I like this wine.

Now with the food. Rich vrs rich and it was a nice draw. There was enough acid to cut thru the fat and creaminess of the meal. Without the acid it would have been a mess. May oaked Chards are from warmer regions which struggle to maintain acid so they oak them to death causing a gnashing of teeth if a buttery dish is had, Hear the butter ran with the butter sauce and just worked.

There is balance here and complexity. I really like this and will definitely buy more. 

Tanya you have made a very nice bottle of wine.


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  1. May 10, 2010 8:22 pm

    You had best consult a physician about your nose

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