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Its My Birthday and I’ll Cry If I want To

April 15, 2010

Saturday was my birthday. I spend alot of time around this date reflecting on the past year and looking on how I can improve. Usually it is a “negative life experience”, but this year I have been blessed to be touched by some really good friends.

This year has been a bear. From trying to fix up my house, to the difficulty in selling it, to a tough (but improving) economy, and the concern for some of my friends has pushed me to the brink. BUT Terry and my friends keep me confident of the year to come.

We went for dinner with Gary and Wanda Friday night at Calabria. How can I not go there for my birthday. Gary emails me and says he will bring some wine. Not only did he source wine that was my style and not his. He prepared tasting notes from several reviewers and printed them off for us.

We started with Codorniu Pinot Noir Rose Cava from Spain. Very nice bubbly whom I managed to cut my thumb on (it starts a trend). Lamb skewers arrived and so did the next wine. Recoulte du Domaine Voarick Clos Paradis Mercurey. This bad boy was a Premier Cru Burgundy from Murcurey, which is Pinot Noir. This was my first Grand Cru Burgundy…… “Like a Virgin” banged in m head..oi…but so good so and classy. Funny, I didn't have a “road to Damascus” moment but oh so nice. And the Pinot went oh so well with the lamb.

Next was a Pinot from New Zealand: Seifried Estate from Nelson. Nelson you say…its next door to Marlboro and this was so different from the Burgundian but most preferred it. That was good as I got to finish the Grand Cru. Pasta came and so did more wine…..this one Chanson Pere et Fils Le Bourgogne. Very nice too. I am in Pinot delirium. Still like the Grand Cru though.

Not to be done (we had pizza coming) out came the Muscedere. Local boys made good, Rob and Fab make great wine, but alas not alot or enough of it. It is one of my favs and it was as good or better than the imported wines. Remembering, Rob's strong declaration that “other than Sonoma or Napa, he doesn't think any other area is better”. The weather which allows the grapes to be ready and mature at harvest allows them to make proper wine. Not big fruity high alcohol fruit bombs, but classic style, lower alcohol wines. Me, I think he may be very correct. Maybe not all varieties but we are still just babies in the wine biz so several seem to really work.

Oopps pizza not done so more wine….Pinot it was …how did you guess. This one was a Pelee Island Reserve. John is good friends with Walter from Pelee so he always has their wine on hand. This one is really good and is a bargain at its price point.

Boy I really need Pinot rehab. What was interesting was how good the local are. And of course the generosity of our good friends Gary and Wanda and the fine hospitality of John and Linda. I was touched and humbled.

So we went home to brine the duck for tomorrow's meal. I planned to turn it on the bbq with some nice pecan wood smoke. So what goes with duck….Pinot of course.

So Saturday morning…well ok afternoon we head out for birthday Pinot……Where do I get Pinot….Well lets see….Sprucewood has it…..Pelee too and methinks Colio and oh yes Aleksander. Well we went for Muscedere (who'da thunk it) and ViewPointe. Why well I reallyy like Muscedere's and I hadn't had John's latelyy and I remembered it as very good. Planned for a 1hr tour and it lasted almost 3 hrs…oh well. And than you Fab and Amy for the wonderful time we spent.

So it was time to turn. Well by 10 the duck was done. Muscedere with dinner and the ViewPointe prior. Both yummy and I will profile each. Sides were local asparagus (spring has sprung) and potatoes fried in duck fat…no that is health food.

Well Sunday we took mumsy out for dinner and a winery…we took her to Smith and Wilson because its so pretty and the wine is well as nice as the Smith's. We thought of going to Rondeau but it appears Dove's isn't open so where do we go…Paula's…mumsy like it there, the fish is great and they are really nice…mumsy enjoyed herself and gave me a wonderful present…..a book with her mums recipes, written in her hand… classics from Scotland and it meant so much.

I am glad its over and when I get out of would love to do it all over. I am blessed to have such good friends and I guess it just touches me soo much….to all thank you..


PS: what was so nice was local asparagus…so much better and the quality of the local Pinot….this may in the end be a Pinot area.

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  1. April 15, 2010 10:32 am

    Hi Jim!! Sounds like a perfect birthday weekend!! Great friends and good times with amazing wine!! Who could ask for anything more?!

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