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March 29, 2010

How important is terroir? If you feel the same as me it is everything. Wine, certainly, but what about other things?

I think it does. The best tomato I have ever had came from Harrow, right by Colio. It was wonderful. All fruit and veg tastes of the land but what meat? I certainly think so.

Local lamb is different from Alberta which is different from New Zealand. Simple. Little Lambchop eats different grass, gets different weather and as such is different.

So we prefer local meat, and go gaga for local lamb. As Sir Rod would say “I could easily be a vegetarian if I could still eat lamb”.

Ewe Dell is our local lamb. I have heard of another farm in the Harrow area, but I know where Ewe Dell is. Previously I have bought it at Schwabs and had it at Calabria, but this was my first time going to the source. Of course we have met him at Calabria and discussed lamb…and Linda….how did he have chops that night. It just dawned on me.

If you ask me where it is I honestly know how to get there…..follow the road south from Wagner Estates and turn left at the end follow the signs until the road ends and turn left then right into the farm.

Get that??? good… From Manning take the North Rear Road and follow the signs. Once you get on it you are on my route…easy. North Rear Rd….. where is that? Come off going east off Manning south of the 401…..easy peasy…call them at 519.723.4456 when you are lost and I'm sure that you can be talked in.

Remember this is a working farm not a supermarket, so relax, but where was the Border Collie….sheep, Border Collie…perfect. Anyway you can see the sheep. Its kinda like death row but they are happy and well treated…..until the Governor doesn't call.

Well he will chop any cut you want and does know his way around a band-saw and knife. Cool, this is just close enough for me to where my food comes from. Nice and clean, professional and nice good service.

We wanted 1” loin chops. Thats good cos that was what his saw was set to…..He grabbed a piece of the back of a lamb then zip zip here's your chops….vac sealed…cool.

Well what did they taste like????

I oiled them up then rubbed them with rosemary, pepper and just before cooking sea salt (Jacques Pepin says never salt your meat more than 5 minutes before grilling). In my smoke box I put some hickory and Rosemary cuttings. Cook to rare-med-rare and serve with grilled polenta…..yum, yum, eat'em up. Wine was Syrah from Mastronardi. Even tho I hate the staff….LOL.. I Love this wine and since they don't make a Pinot, I can stay in Pinot rehab when I drink this.

Well this is a meat review so…. It is wonderful….not gamey, but with taste…you could serve this to a lamb hater. Mild but with taste…it was oh so nice. Texture…love…not fatty…..I love it….Sure I love lots of gaminess but this is just too good. Excellent lamb!!!The Syrah was just wonderful with it….oh so good.

This weekend is Easter, and he will be busy. Per Sambo this is the big event in the Orthodox calender and they all want lamb. When we were there a group came for lamb orders, but call him if you want lamb for Easter….he will have bits and bobs….legs etc….

Well put this way, when my house sells (please buy it its really nice) methinks I will buy a whole or half and have a party. I will have to recruit Sambo to cook it as he is into cooking whole animals, but I want it to not be well done…..seems Eastern Europeans think lamb need to be cooked well…..but it tastes so good well done..I confuzed. Wine …no never. Well I'll have Syrah..and I'll get some from all that make it…Smith and Wilson, Aleksander, Mastronardi and Muscedere… should be fun!!!! If it sells for my price..more wine!!!!


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  1. March 30, 2010 12:12 pm

    We buy half a lamb in the fall, from a fellow ERCOID in Harrow ,and have

  2. March 30, 2010 5:38 pm

    I hate to ask…what is an ERCOID??? and the rest of our message…cos lamb is good!

  3. March 31, 2010 8:52 am

    Oh, an Ercoid is someone who works at the Essex Region Conservation Authority.

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